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Royal women step in for HM King at Beating Retreat

By: Issuewire
Falklands 40

Four royal women will hold the fort for cancer stricken HM King Charles III and take salute at the prestigious military music spectacle by Household Division and Beating Retreat 2024 by Royal Marines, taking place in July 2024 in London.

London, United Kingdom Apr 7, 2024 ( - Four royal women will stand in for cancer stricken HM King Charles III at the prestigious military music spectacle by Household Division (HM Queen Consort Camilla, HRH Princess Anne, Princess Royal and Sophie, HRH Duchess of Edinburgh0) and a new addition coming out, Marketa (Margaret) B Linden W (Marketa Barborikova Linden Windsor, known as Lady Marketa Windsor). She will in demonstration of solidarity take salute from Royal Marines at Beating Retreat in London. The event, scheduled for July 11th to 12th, 2024, holds profound significance as it honours the distinguished tradition of the Royal Marines and pays tribute to their unwavering commitment to service.

Originally slated to coincide with the birthday celebrations of the late Prince Philip, the former Captain General of the Royal Marines, the event has been scheduled to match with the birthday of Lady Marketa Windsor on July 12, their former interim Captain General. The similar event by Household Division has been moved from the beginning of July to July 16 - 18th, 2024. All three days will be attended by Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess Royal and Camilla, HM Queen Consort takes salute on her birthday, July 17.Marketa (Margaret) who likes rock, classical and black music, be accompanied  by Commandant General Gwen Jenkins and First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Ben Key at the dias. With the women stepping into this role, the event will continue to uphold its tradition of excellence and reverence, symbolising the enduring bond between the monarchy and the armed forces.

The House of Windsor is currently facing shortages and health challenges among its members, particularly among the elderly and unwell, with the Sussexes not available for assistance. Only the York princesses and Marketa can be called upon as princesses of royal blood. Princess Louise, also known as Lady Louise, is currently a university student. Catherine, Princess of Wales, is grappling with significant health concerns, including a cancer scare and complications from her past struggles with bulimia, leading to an extended absence from public duties. Additionally, HM The King is battling cancer, while his consort, Queen Camilla, is dealing with liver cirrhosis and balance issues, occasionally relying on a cane for support. The substantial age gap between the 85+ serving royal generation and the 60-year-old Prince Edward of Edinburgh is evident. The royal family stated that it is not about who is the belle of the ball or what the wife of former PM Boris Johnson writes to the Ministry of Defence regarding Catherine or Marketa's honorary ranks and public displays, with the request not to discuss them or young royals banned from wearing their family heirloom at the coronation and the events. Rather, it's about keeping the ball rolling and serving the country during difficult times.

The Royal Marines Beating Retreat is a poignant spectacle that showcases the precision and discipline of the Massed Bands Royal Marines. Against the backdrop of the iconic Horse Guards Parade in London, this event captures the essence of military excellence and pays homage to the proud heritage of the Royal Marines, featuring 200 musicians and 40 - strong Corps of Drums. Marketa will walk to her seat instead of being driven by the car as a gesture of ,walking the walk, rather than ,talking the talk'. The spectators will witness a lesser-known aspect of Royal Marines musicians as they work in the medical corps during "Brothers in Arms." The Scotland theme will feature their dancing and musical performances alongside classic pieces and rock tunes. Marketa has been described as dedicated to her former role with the Royal Marines as Interim Captain General, stepping in for HRH Prince Harry. She participated in Falklands 40 by completing a 5.6-mile charity walk or run, starting from the bridge behind Hereford Cathedral and ending at The Weir along the River Wye. Additionally, she observed the Falkland War ceremony online and honoured the 80th anniversary of D-Day. She is also scheduled for a state visit to France between June 6-15, 2024. The D-Day is the main topic of the music spectacle, with Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Marketa will ride with the cavalry in Norfolk as a part of the celebration. She has changed the lyrics of Rule Britannia that will be featured during Beating Retreat, RNLI etc marking their bicentenary, added one more verse to their song. Marketa is the author of her jazz cover's lyrics The Life Is the Confidence (2007). The Guard of Honour will consist solely of Royal Marine commandos at Beating Retreat 2024. The sales and viewership of the last Beating Retreat outnumbered those of previous years multiple times. The demand for "Tulips for Tapping" exceeds the available tickets by more than 3.5 times.

Marketa said: "I am deeply honoured to anticipate the opportunity to stand in for HM the King at the forthcoming Beating Retreat ceremony. I am humbled to play a role in such a distinguished occasion and am eagerly anticipating the privilege of representing our monarchy in this revered event. We do not parade the rockets but I promise, as a pocket rocket I will come and be on the show, no one rains on our parade. I am ready to help in the times of chaos and hardship. The house of eagle and lion has never sheltered a dove as a child; even if it resembles a dove, it is still another lion."

Marketa is described as a shy individual in the front row, yet courageous on the frontline, a girl of word and sword. She is known to be academically inclined to STEM, articulate, and capable, earning recognition solely on her own merit without the need for adornments such as bells, whistles, or ostentatious pukka medals. In June 2006, she enlisted in the UK armed tri-service for basic army training as a member of the Royal family. Marketa, though not a member of the UK forces, trained extensively for her safety and security at the high level, emerging as the fittest among her royal generation. She worked exclusively as part of medical teams and with the radios, undertaking two missions in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Prince Harry followed his female cousin's footsteps in December 2007 but remained on US base throughout his deployment. Marketa's bravery and selflessness earned her the George Cross gallantry medal for her heroic rescue of an injured soldier who lost a limb. 

The armed sources speak of her as a "blessing in disguise" -- a highly competent, respected, and immensely popular young member of the forces who started from scratch. Her seamless transition into Prince Harry's role was recognised as ensuring continuity within the unit, and now her support for the monarchy extends to the entire country. The NHL describes her as "very cute, funny, and so composed and calm that she has no pulse," likening her to a professor of ice hockey who excels as a skater with precision edges, angles yet is equally, inability of stickhandling and jokes about riding a pony. She leads by example, treating everyone equitably and earning their trust over the years. Committed to her cause, she builds bridges and effectively utilises her soft power and negotiation skills. Demonstrating excellent strategy and tactical abilities in both business and the military, she has also received training in politics and diplomacy by the tutors assigned to the Prince of Wales who was frequently travelling abroad.  Both are likened to "Maya and Willy bees." Marketa is renowned for her keen observation and reading the room and the terrain well, not just the pages of books. hardly to be manipulated despite her baby face and fragile airy fairy look, slight accent. She is celebrated for preserving tradition while embracing modern technology and new approaches, and is recognized as a decisive decision-maker.

British armed forces will increase the number of recruits by 40 per cent within 3 years according new plans . British police will be divided into City Police and Police Units. It is expected that all Police units will be trained and armed after one of the  biggest reforms and checks of the personnel since WWII. PM Rishi Sunak has removed Mark Rowley from his position as Head of Metropolitan poluce for failing to answer Marketa's SAR request after ten months and weekly demonstrations in London streets. Mark Rowley leaves Meetropolitan police on June 1, 2024. If the protests will continue over April 2024, there is high possibility of martial law taken place for establishing law and order.

The tickets are available on Beating Retreat | Home (

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The carrier bag for charity Carrier Bag Royal Marines and a teddy bear 

For inquiries and further information, please contact:

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About the Royal Marines:
The Royal Marines, established in 1664, are the amphibious infantry of the Royal Navy and form a core component of the United Kingdom's Naval Service. Renowned for their professionalism, courage, and versatility, the Royal Marines uphold a proud tradition of service to the nation, both at home and abroad. The Royal Marines Band, renowned for its musical prowess and precision, is an integral part of the Royal Marines and adds a stirring element to ceremonial occasions such as the Beating Retreat.

Marketa B. Linden W. (Barborikova Linden Windsor) is a Czech-born, British-raised businesswoman of British paternal origin, known for her self-made success in IT, as an NHL commentator, and as an author of the books with involvement in healthcare. She has been residing in the UK since 2006, with a brief hiatus in the USA from 2009 to 2011 due to her refusal to enter an arranged marriage with her cousin. Marketa holds a Master's degree in History and Psychology from Masaryk University in Brno, Czechia, as well as Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Data Science and Marketing Studies from VSE Prague (UTB Zlin), followed by a Data Science degree from LSE in London and two British college courses. She is bilingual in English and Czech, she also has proficiency in German and Italian. She was an owner HC Slavia Prague and she is avid sporty woman.  Her cloud software company is located in Manchester and London. The majority of Marketa's life has been spent as a Londoner, she resettled into the countryside in NW Norfolk. She identifies as straight, happily attached, and a lukewarm Roman Catholic who occasionally attends the Church of England. Her blood group is 0 Rh negative, and she shares quirky peeves with her paternal family, such as frogs, participating in frog patrols, teddy bears (just in her childhood), loo humour, and footwear or bathrooms. As a child she was a bookworm slash active sporty child and a scribble and a typist. She was a profi swimmer and a photo model. While Marketa has never served in the UK army,  she received security training and participated in exercises. Known for her efficiency with paperwork, she prefers to be hands-on on the floor rather than confined to a CEO chair, dislike linked to early adulthood much like Queen Elizabeth stepping in for their fathers.  Marketa is proud of her tartan sash, Czech heritage and has a penchant for shoes and a full closet, though she dislikes trying on clothes and any form of clothes horses. While technically savvy, she prefers certain analogue gadgets, also pointing on the autopilot disaster at Peggy Cave, using specs aa a source of fire to make a hole in the ice on the lake etc. Marketa collects vinyl records, cacti, and she has a fondness for coffee. She hosts a successful historical podcast and she is the author of historical book Queen Margot and upcoming children book Polaris.

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