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ZippyChain Testnet Has Gone Live – The Fast, Low-cost and Secure Protocol

United States, 10th Aug 2023, King NewsWireZippyChain, a layer 1 public blockchain, has been generating excitement in the global blockchain community. Its testnet is scheduled for launch on July 31, 2023, with a specific focus on AI training and applications. The platform incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including sharding technology, parallel Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and layer 2 solutions like edge computing for AI GPU crowd sourcing, decentralized data storage based on the GHOSTDAG consensus mechanism, and zero knowledge proof rollup. These innovative features aim to empower individuals and small to medium enterprises in training large language models, while also enabling the monetization of AI data and algorithms and providing robust privacy protection.

The emergence of Large Language Models (LLM) and Artificial Intelligence Generate Content (AIGC) revolutionized sectors including customer service, consulting, finance analysis, and design. Yet, the high costs associated with AI training impede the widespread adoption of LLM and AIGC among individuals and small to medium-sized enterprises. For instance, the cost of a single training session for GPT-3 is estimated to be around $1.4 million, and the training cost can be up to $12 million for some larger models. To tackle this challenge, decentralized computing networks, serving as the pillar of the next-generation internet, hold promise in reducing costs. In ZippyChain edge computing, a network is formed by harnessing the collective power of underutilized computing resources across the globe, ranging from data centers and servers to high-end personal computers. For instance, up to 85% of total GPU capacity sits idle. This untapped computing power provides a remarkable opportunity for AIGC and LLM. As an illustration, an AI startup based in Singapore Can dispatch its training tasks to servers located in the United States.

ZippyChain has assembled a world-class development team, comprising top AI scientists from reputable institutions in the United States and Hong Kong, along with tech executives from industry giants like Google. With such expertise, the team is determined to debut the mainnet in December, solidifying ZippyChain’s position as a trailblazer in the realm of AI and blockchain integration.In summary, ZippyChain is set to revolutionize AI and blockchain by democratizing the training and usage of AI, benefiting businesses and individuals alike. Through its cutting-edge solutions, it promises to unlock new possibilities and drive innovation in the AI landscape.

ZippyChain stands out from other blockchain platforms with its array of competitive advantages.

Firstly, its user-friendly interface and compatibility with EVM make it easy to operate, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Secondly, its impressive Transactions Per Second (TPS) rate, exceeding 25,000, sets a new industry standard, and its performance can scale up even further with the addition of more shards and parallel threads. This high TPS capability enhances the platform’s efficiency and potential for handling a vast number of transactions.

Thirdly, ZippyChain’s distributed AI capability is a significant asset, made possible through its parallel EVM, dedicated shards, and edge computing network. This empowers users with potent AI capabilities, making it an ideal platform for AI-related projects.

Fourthly, the zero-layer cross-chain bridge sets ZippyChain apart by enabling seamless integration with other public chains. This feature enhances its universality and compatibility across the entire blockchain ecosystem, facilitating smooth interactions between different platforms.

Lastly, ZippyChain’s GHOST DAG-based storage network provides robust support for data and token asset creation and management, compatible with Ethereum addresses. This feature is a game-changer, allowing for data ownership and assetization of AIGC and AI algorithms.

Overall, these competitive edges make ZippyChain a promising and versatile platform for businesses and individuals seeking to harness the power of AI and blockchain in their projects.

The launch of ZippyChain’s testnet marks a significant milestone in the fusion of AI and blockchain technology. The anticipation from the global blockchain community reflects the excitement surrounding the platform’s potential to revolutionize the industry with its game-changing solutions. With its impressive features and capabilities, ZippyChain has the potential to shape the future of AI and blockchain integration, attracting attention and interest from various sectors.

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