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Introducing The Gambling Clinic: Ontario’s Dedicated Facility for Gambling Addiction Recovery founded by Pat Mazza

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Ontario - May 18, 2023 - The Gambling Clinic, founded by Pat Mazza, is set to become a leading treatment facility in Ontario solely focused on addressing gambling addiction. With a firm commitment to helping every individual on their path to recovery, The Gambling Clinic aims to fill a crucial gap in Ontario's healthcare landscape by offering specialized treatment for gambling addiction, making it the first of its kind in the province.

The alarming rise of gambling addiction in Ontario has reached pandemic levels, resulting in the highest rates of suicide among all types of addiction. Studies show that most gamblers have contemplated or experienced suicidal thoughts, and nearly all compulsive gamblers resort to lying, cheating, stealing, or engaging in criminal activities to sustain their addiction.

Shedding light on the severity of the issue, a 2019 Gamblers Anonymous poll revealed that recovering from gambling addiction is exceptionally challenging, with only approximately 3% of participants achieving more than a year of abstinence. These statistics paint a bleak picture for compulsive gamblers, leaving many without hope or a clear path to recovery.

The Gambling Clinic aims to establish a comprehensive treatment facility dedicated exclusively to compulsive gamblers. It will provide residential rehabilitation, outpatient support groups, personalized therapy sessions, and an array of essential resources. The clinic's world-class gambling addiction treatment program is designed to address all forms of gambling addiction, including casino gambling, sports betting, stock trading, and cryptocurrency speculation. The goal is to equip every gambling addict in Ontario with the necessary tools for a successful recovery from this devastating addiction.

The primary objective of The Gambling Clinic is to pioneer Ontario's first residential rehabilitation center exclusively focused on treating compulsive gambling addiction. Moreover, it is committed to making its services accessible to all residents, regardless of their financial situation. Currently, Ontario's sole residential facility, located in Windsor, can only accommodate 60 individuals annually. Early-stage recovery emphasizes the importance of abstinence, and for those caught in the cycle of gambling, even a minute without gambling can be a daunting challenge. Most gamblers require an intensive residential treatment program lasting one to two months to break the cycle, adopt new ways of thinking and living, and acquire the necessary tools and skills for a gambling-free life.

While Gamblers Anonymous has proven to be a valuable resource, the low rate of sustained abstinence, at only 3%, highlights the difficulty of recovering from gambling addiction. If these odds were presented to someone with a terminal illness, the prognosis would be disheartening. The Gambling Clinic seeks to complement GA by offering a new approach to group therapy, working in synergy to increase recovery rates and provide a fresh perspective on addiction treatment.

The vision of The Gambling Clinic is to establish daily in-person and virtual support groups that offer innovative and professionally-led anonymous support to individuals battling gambling addiction. By providing top-notch group therapy, the clinic aims to empower individuals to achieve lasting recovery and transform their lives. As gambling addiction continues to evolve rapidly, it is imperative to adopt new approaches that effectively address the issue and combat addiction.

With an unwavering commitment to recovery rates, The Gambling Clinic aims to facilitate support groups unlike anywhere else in the world. Through a fresh and innovative approach to group therapy, the clinic believes it can help more individuals overcome addiction and minimize the adverse effects it has on themselves and their loved ones. With dedication and a steadfast commitment to recovery, The Gambling Clinic strives to provide hope and a pathway to a better life.

In Ontario, access to one-on-one gambling counseling covered by OHIP is limited. Existing resources often fall short in providing a sufficient number of sessions or frequent sessions to effectively support the recovery journey of a compulsive gambler. The Gambling Clinic aims to bridge this gap by offering comprehensive virtual and outpatient one-on-one counseling sessions to Ontarians seeking recovery from gambling addiction.

While support groups like GA offer invaluable assistance, The Gambling Clinic firmly believes that lasting change can only be achieved by working through the underlying trauma, guilt, shame, and destruction caused by gambling with the guidance of a registered professional. One-on-one sessions play a crucial role in addressing an individual's root causes, which often include past traumas, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and other common issues that require the expertise of qualified professionals for diagnosis and treatment.

The goal of The Gambling Clinic is to establish a world-class facility, staffed by therapists and counselors who possess firsthand experience in gambling recovery. By offering the best outpatient treatment available in the world, the clinic is committed to transforming the lives of Ontarians grappling with gambling addiction.

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