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Lose yourself into a Magical Realm of Sorcerers, Spies, and Wyverns with pdmacs's 'The Sixth Kingdom'

By: Issuewire
The Sixth Kingdom by pdmac

For lovers of adventure and magic realms, pdmac has brought out his newest fantasy series Wyvern Master Chronicles, with ‘The Sixth Kingdom’ being the first part.

Acworth, Georgia Feb 8, 2023 ( - Magic. Love. Deceit. Everything comes together in the new fantasy series by pdmac - Wyvern Master Chronicles. In this new magical realm of sorcerers, kings, spies, and Wyverns, the author weaves an enchanting tale that grips readers into an exhilarating current of dynamic plot structures. The first book of the series 'The Sixth Kingdom' introduces the realm of the Sixth Kingdom placed at the center of the known world, which is the heart of all knowledge and secrets of the world and is the center of arcane wizardry. It is not merely an academy for wizards to learn magic, bond with dragons, and master the skills of deadly warriors but is also the college, adjudicator enforcer of world peace.

The College comprises four Castes and is reputed for accepting only the best and the brightest of those elites who can afford to send their children to be groomed in the 'hallowed halls of destiny' so that they can slip into worthy future roles in the five Kingdoms. Four friends, each from the four Castes, who call themselves 'the Family', aspire to achieve the same goal of ruling the College one day. Of the four, the least likely possibility of it belongs to Fiach, who does not have much in terms of privilege and was sold to the College by slave traders after his parents were slaughtered. As the 'Family' are caught up in a power struggle to rule the world, Fiach finds it all the more difficult to suppress his dark memories. The book records the journey of Fiach as he fights to earn his place while also battling his own demons.

Before investing himself in the career of a full-time writer, pdmac spent a career in the US Army before making his shift into the world of academics. The multi-talented writer shows off his paragon writing skills in his deft handling of the interwoven plots, building suspense while keeping readers engaged with the fast-paced storyline. With the four books of the series - 'The Sixth Kingdom', A Spy in the Court, Raising the Dead, and Wizard King - the Wyvern Master Chronicles is not merely a fantasy series, but an adventure of a lifetime! And as the author says: "There's nothing like a good book (story) to escape the vagaries of everyday life. We all need those compelling diversions." 

Read the lovely book 'The Sixth Kingdom' by the author pdmac:

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