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The 2023 Divine Beast League will be your greatest opportunity

Don’t worry if you miss any project in 2022, because the 2023 Mythical Beast series will be your biggest opportunity!

As an ancient civilization recognized by the world, in the inheritance of Chinese culture, there are many kinds of gods and beasts in myths and legends in ancient times. ) are all creatures that can be found in Chinese classics.

Most of these creatures cannot be found in reality, but the composition of their images originates from reality. Some ancient gods and beasts are used in Chinese divination, especially Qimen Dunjia and Liuyao. These mythical beasts often appear in traditional buildings and play the role of expelling evil spirits, avoiding disasters, and praying for blessings.

Among these mythical beasts, represented by “Phoenix”, “Bai Ze”, “Kun”, “Pixiu” and “Kirin”, they form an alliance of mythical beasts to open a new myth in the currency circle for the new year.

The general preparatory team for the 2023 Spring Festival Gala launched the “Great Spring Festival Evening Season” IP marketing, and through the development of IP derivatives and cultural and creative products, the artistic creativity of the Spring Festival Gala was ingeniously combined with the value of Chinese culture.

Cooperate with the copyright operation center of the general manager’s office to jointly operate the beast series IP, including NFT, public chain, etc., and was selected as a high-quality project of the “Hundred People, Thousand Creations” cooperation plan of the main station, and cooperated with Jay Chou and other stars to carry out secondary music creation and work as an image ambassador .

The 2023 Spring Festival Gala is strongly promoted! The first IP in 2023! The beast series tokens will soon dominate the list!

This year, a consortium in China took the lead in preparing a token called Mythical Beast. This year’s Spring Festival Gala will promote Chinese culture and will be the top IP of the Spring Festival Gala in the form of Chinese mythical beasts such as Pixiu, Phoenix, Baize, Kunpeng, and Qilin in the Classic of Mountains and Seas.

Shenshou Token Introduction: The God and Beast Alliance includes five major IP sub-coins under the jurisdiction of the five major regions——Bai Ze, Phoenix, Qilin, Pixiu, and Kunpeng.

Shenshou Token Ecology:

Headquarters “Hundreds of Talents, Thousands of Innovations” cooperation plan

Join the “Whole Industry Chain Empowerment Large-scale Series Event Plan”

Cooperate with the top 100 communities to push!

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