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KADOMETER: The Newest Rising Artist in Underground Music

By: Issuewire
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The new rising artist, KADOMETER, throws away the classic metal and trap metal style of edginess. With over 13K streams on his latest release on SoundCloud, KADOMETER uses vibrant colors and a new perspective to express mental illness.

Corpus Christi, Texas Oct 29, 2022 ( - KADOMETER started to walk in the world in music, listening to the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, Beach Bunny, The Weeknd, Sia, Kailee Morgue, Joji, BENEE, Lil Yachty, Last Dinosaurs, The Seagulls, Red, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Future, Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, ZillaKami, Lil Peep, EKKSTACY, Conan Gray, Harry Styles, Nirvana, Green Day, Blink-182, glaive, midwxst, renforshort, and much more of an array of artists. KADOMETER began practicing music with a keyboard, watching YouTube tutorials on how to play certain songs he liked. KADOMETER says, "I initially wanted to play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. I just really liked the song and how it made me feel." He became self-taught in guitar, learning to play "I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace, beginning in late 2019. With a growing interest in music, he decided to transition to making beats, becoming engulfed by the community with popular figures such as Nick Mira, Kenny Beats, Cxdy, and Simon Servida. "Oh yeah, I liked watching Nick [Mira] the most, The way he made his melodies was pure genetic genius. I wanted that superpower." In his 2020 senior year, KADOMETER did not think of music as a serious aspiration. "I really didn't think much of growing as a popular music figure. There were so many other things going on with my [mind]," so he focused and applied to Texas A&M - College Station to study engineering. When many months went by, the years of constant mental anguish worsened to a point where he can no longer ignore it.

On September 1st, 2021 4:00 am, KADOMETER was police-escorted to an emergency mental hospital over 2 hours away. The events that led up weren't pretty he says, "the skipping of class, the inability to complete assignments, the social isolation, the poor self-hygiene, the poor sleep schedule, and the strengthening depressive episodes had finally caught up to me." After going through the treatment process, KADOMETER still continues to struggle with his mental health where his idea of suicide, "no longer brings tears." He says, "I still struggle with things like cutting, abusing my meds, and being deceitful."

With many more stories, KADOMETER has to share relating to other topics like love, abuse, and the further truth of mental illness, he plans to use those stories as inspiration for his upcoming projects. With KADOMETER's first releases, "COUNT YOUR DAYS'' and "Halloween (with CAPITOLED)," he believes his improvement is at a rate where a consistent flow of releases may soon be in the mix. "I'm trying to portray mental illness to those who enjoy the art, to create a community where we can be the weird cool punk, emo, grunge kids on the block." KADOMETER explains, "I want the many people who don't know they need help with their mental health, and those who question if they need help with their mental health, to openly seek for it without discounting who they truly are. It won't change you. You change yourself." KADOMETER's different way of thinking, unique personality, and overall style in music are turning eyes and ears, becoming another promising voice of Gen Z. "I'm a normal dude," he says, "I want people to know that. You can say 'I release music,' but I say ' I upload music.' Big difference." 

In KADOMETER's third release (including his first on Spotify and all other platforms), "willingt(fucking)obleed," he boldly draws a multi-color noose in Microsoft Paint along with a cryptic message, "ages 5 and up," to bring attention to the mental instability of younger people. "I'm trying to glamorize mental illness like what is done in culture today but way over to the point where it gets unsettling." He continues, "I'm tired of the idea of suicidal people wanting to die in darkness [for attention]. There are people like me who want to die in color."

The young and talented artist's future looks promising. We know what to expect from him, but we also paradoxically don't know what to expect from him. So we asked KADOMETER, "What can you tell people about your art moving forward? What would it be like?"

He replied, "I want to upload more  often on a schedule for sure, but as for the music itself, it's easier to explain once I do it." He says,'" However, one thing I can share is [that] I want to deck out my wardrobe in an alternative, grunge[y], hyperpop, trashy flashy type of way. I can see what the answer is, but I can't quite explain it in words." KADOMETER further elaborates, "Yeah once I get my apparel in check, I'll share it to the whole world on my social [media]. That's the best answer I got for that question."

As of now, it looks like KADOMETER's artistry will continue to turn heads. With the qualities of a true rockstar, I believe a lot of listeners will enjoy his unique "trashy flashy" style he brings, along with his unique authentic personality and way of thinking. KADOMETER is bringing something fresh in music that he has given a taste of in his latest release, and we can't wait for what he does next.


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