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Knight Trade is about to start the public beta, leading the development of digital finance with technology

On October 20, Knight Trade’s one-stop asset custody platform, Knight Trade  1.0, the public beta will be officially launched.

Traditional finance in trouble in the Red Sea

Forex is the largest financial market in the world and the only financial market in the world that operates 24 hours a day. But the traditional foreign  financial market is deeply in the red sea dilemma. Affected by the Matthew effect, oligopoly is increasing day by day, large institutions have an absolute right to speak in determining prices, and the crisis of trust brought about by opaque capital operation, etc., has further caused an economic crisis. Digital finance can effectively avoid the above problems, and the traditional financial market is gradually developing towards digital finance.

Knight Trade , subverting the world with technology

Knight Trade opens a new way of digital finance, and the AI ​​robot developed by it can quickly and easily realize asset appreciation. Knight Trade has a number of high-yield digital financial projects. Users only need to use the Knight AI robot and turn on one-click custody. The system will track and analyze the data in real time, and based on the project rate of return, risk factor, transaction depth, transaction slippage and other data Evaluate the best investment strategy. When a project with a higher yield is detected, the knight AI robot will automatically move the warehouse to ensure maximum profit, allowing users to obtain the highest profit with the lowest risk.

In addition, Knight Trade also has a serial data system. The actual measurement of loading 100 million pieces of data is 500 times faster than that of ordinary databases. It can expand storage horizontally and support a larger number of requests, which can effectively optimize AI robot investment scenarios. PB-level big data quickly, accurately and ruthlessly grasps market trends and assists AI robots to make accurate judgments. A systematic investment model and strict investment discipline avoid human bias in investment behavior, which is also the key to Knight AI Robot’s ability to ensure 30% of asset appreciation.

Knight Trade takes “opening up a new digital finance ecosystem” as its vision. In the future, Knight Trade will also issue digital tokens, deploy digital ecosystems such as NFT, Metaverse, GameFi, and virtual social networking, and deeply cultivate digital finance.

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