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The Seasonal World Cup Tournament of Era7 is coming in September

Era7: Game Of Truth, the BNB Chain TOP Gamefi project that combines the features of TCG and Esportsfi, recently announces that the first season of the exclusive global 3-minute card game competition, the “Era7 World Cup Championship”, will officially launch on September 11. This initiative means that with the successive seasons, a new competitive ecosystem will emerge 5 months after the official launch of Era7, where all users can become potential competitive stars in the web3.0 field by participating in this tournament and gaining exclusive honors and great rewards.

The first season of the Era7 World Cup will last 4-6 weeks and will be a major innovation in the field of light-competitive Gamefi projects and a “grand carnival” for all users. Tens of thousands of players from 40 countries around the world will be randomly assigned to four divisions, each with its own rewards and rankings. Over 1,200 players who meet the ranking requirements of the tournament will enter the process of competing for awards in each stage of the event. Players will be able to submit their decks according to the system rules and participate in the play-in, group, knockout and final stages. Players who make it through each stage can earn higher prizes. The tournament system also includes a spectator feature for all players to watch the online matches via the live streaming system, and ERA7 will inject over 40,000 BUSD and 610,000 ERA Token into the World Series inaugural season prize pool to attract players’ active participation.

Era7 officials have spoken with players and industry practitioners about several of the project’s innovations, and it’s these innovations that make the World Cup tournament such an anticipated event.

Battle Innovations: Unlike Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, Era7 battles take place on a 3×3 grid, with two players randomly playing cards from a pre-built 30-card deck. This, coupled with the fact that each battle is designed to take no more than three minutes; thus requiring players to be highly focused and familiar with the cards they have, the strong depth of strategy and the varied battle process undoubtedly brings players a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after winning the battle.

Innovation of economic system: Replace Play2Earn with Win2Earn. While the players are in the process of winning battles, the consumption and earnings will be able to reach the balance between inflationary and deflationary activities.

Innovation of competitive ecology: build the first Web3.0 World Cup tournament system, cultivate professional EsportsFi (GameFi & Esports) stars, and create a platform with competitive ecology and healthy community in the history of Web3.0.

In terms of innovation and creation of the competitive ecology, Era7 has completed the construction of various PVP modules and the update of important versions of the World Tournament. eSports planning for Era7 is divided into two modules: in-game tournament module construction and out-of-game platform function incubation.

The in-game is centered around the weekly PVP ranking competition model, while the World Cup tournament is launched with the injection of the concept of tournament replicas. Periodic seasons will continue to be launched within the game, while new series of NFT cards will be launched regularly around different seasons, from which users will be able to experience the fun of competition and the joy of gaining revenue through participation in tournaments, and to explore new investment opportunities brought about by new NFT cards.

The planning of the extra-game competitive platform, on the other hand, takes Era7 as the core for the incubation of third-party tournament platform, which carries the responsibilities of daily tournament organization, tournament operation, tournament management tools development, scholarship system development, guild cooperation, anchor alliance construction and so on for users.

Era7 officials will continue to iterate and launch team battles and social functions around the core of the World Cup competition. At this stage, players can already choose their country’s flag as the representative of their identity in the game, and all players will be able to experience a more strategic competition mode between teams and the complementary effect between individual and collective team earnings.

In Era7, a new value system will be constructed through competitive dueling, tournament guessing and card collection/cultivation, which also interprets the concept of competitive ecology more clearly, and in addition to enjoying the exciting game process experience of 3 minutes a game, players can also explore more investment opportunities through the economic cycle system in competitive ecology.

What is Era7: 

Era7: Game of truth is a GameFi metaverse developed on BNB Chain. The game features card trading with a perfect combination of fighting and strategy. Players combine their cards with improving their deck and competing in PVP or PVE battles. 

These cards have value, and players can obtain high-value cards by collecting, fighting, trading, etc. In addition, era7 will constantly update its GameFi environment by developing new cards, gaming methods, and battle passes to help users generate profit. 

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