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Airdrops Are Coming up – UYS Ecological Consensus Welfare Activities Are Underway

Cryptocurrencies have been suffering a heavy blow since June 11, 2022. That the U.S. CPI inflation rate hit a new 40-year high caused speculators’ mental collapse. The doubts and uncertainty about the global economy set off a widespread sell-off of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been below $27,000, while Ethereum fell by 12%, below $1,500, and hit its lowest point since March 2021.

But, from another point of view, the current crisis may present an opportunity. As is known to the investment world that things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme, so it is a signal of approaching the bottom. When most investors lose confidence in the market, it is the time when the market begins to recover. The value of cryptocurrency market has lost about $2 trillion since it hits $3 trillion in November 2021. The cryptocurrency market is going through the darkest moment, but the reshuffle is probably coming to an end and a new game is about to begin. The dawn will come in August.

In terms of the drawbacks exposed by the plummeting in the traditional trading market, UYS quantitative trading robots have begun to receive more and more support. UYS can conduct transactions based on data and trends, rather than act impulsively based on emotional fluctuations. Multi-level quantitative models, multi-angle observations and massive data processing make it possible to capture more investment opportunities so as to increase users’ investment returns continuously, minimize risks and control losses on various exchanges. Besides, UYS can generate passive income 24 hours a day. It means whether you are sleeping, vacationing, or working…you can make money from automated trading.

What is noticeable is that the UYS technical team is currently breaking through the DID technical barriers of the Swap and improving the DOTC trust mechanism. In the future, we will witness UYS’ enriching Swap application scenarios and the infinite possibilities in the intelligent era.

Here comes the great opportunity! To express its gratefulness to all users, UYS has launched 7 welfare activities for a month. The amount of the welfare prize pool is up to one million. The rules of the airdrop event are simple, and the risks are controllable. The generous prize and transparency of this airdrop event ensure that it is really a good opportunity to earn tokens. We sincerely expect that all new and old users participate in the event.

UYS Task List for Ecological Proof of Traffic

1. Begin the Journey with Light Breeze– Halo of Trust

2. Ignite a Prairie Fire — Halo of Star Chain

3. Be Relentless Despite Trials and Hardships — Halo of Gratitude

4. Once Famous, the Whole World Knows — Halo of Luck

5. Set Sail Alone–Halo of King

6. Who is the Top on the Road of Evangelism— Halo of Faith

7. The Matrix Finally Becomes a Concentric Chain–Ecological Guardian

UYS is committed to delivering the dividends of the digital age to every ordinary person. Let us share our love, enjoy benefits, and work wonders together!

For more details on this event, please visit the official Twitter account: @UYSGLOBAL

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