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Teresa’s Thoughts on Participating in SEORSEA

I believe that everyone has noticed the SEROSEA platform. Let me briefly talk about some of my experience in participating in SEROSEA. As you can see, SEORSEA has started its first-ever NFT mystery boxes activity, and there are a total of 7,300 mystery boxes released, including 1,300 airdrop mystery boxes and 6,000 purchasable mystery boxes. So I infer that SR and S are undoubtedly the most valuable because of the probability shown by the platform.

I would say you are so lucky if you have S through opening the mystery boxes. I found that most of the mystery boxes have been opened, but you still can try as there are still a small amount of mystery boxes in the marketplace.

It can be seen that the floor price of S-level NFTs has reached 11 BNB in the current secondary market, and the lowest price of A-level has reached 0.38 BNB as well. However, you will need to have A, B, C, D and S to have an SR-level NFT, and an SR-level NFT is 14 BNB right now. So, if you can buy all levels of NFT at the floor price and to mint an SR, you can still earn a certain profit when you sell the SR. Also, the minting function of SR has just been released, so I personally think that SR will be more valuable in the future.

Here is the screenshot of what I bought 16 days ago. I bought 2 S-level NFT, and in order to attract more users to the platform, I believe that the platform will be willing to let us earn profits. And in view of the development path of NFTs on the market, NFTs will also have corresponding value empowerment in the future. Because of the minting function of SR, I earned 10 BNB, so I suggest that users who have SR can hold and wait to see if there is further empowerment.

Feasibility of the Staking

SEOR Network has officially launched the staking activity recently, which I found worthwhile participating. As you can see in the screenshot I showed above, you can get a S-Level NFT in 15 days, and the S-Level NFT is worth around $3,000. High rates of return can be earned on this staking activity! Besides, the latest $SEOR is around $0.039, and if you stake 200,000 $SEOR, which is $8,000 in total for 15 days and you can get an NFT that is worth $3,000. So staking is a good option in the bear market and worth participating in. I already participated in the SEOR’s 15-day staking activity, and I staked 250,000 $SEOR tokens, you should go staking as well!

For now, the SR-Level NFT can share the SEOR tokens that are consumed on the SEORSEA platform. The specific distribution mechanism has not been announced, but I think that the profits of this part is still relatively objective by reviewing the SEOR consumption from the beginning to the present. SEORSEA also stated that the second season will empower the NFT of the first season. So to those who don’t have S and SR level NFTs should try to have it, you might have a surprise in the future.

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