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LIANGZI Community—A Bridge of Communication for Blockchain Enthusiasts

Throughout human history, communities presents different forms. They are big enough to be clans, villages or political parties and small enough to be interest groups or various clubs. Although there have been similarities and differences between the communities for thousands of years, the ways they are connected are always similar. With “space frontier” as primary principle, they are built as a stable structure based on blood, geography, economy, hobbies, etc. and where people interact on a small scale.

It was not until the advent of the Internet that the traditional small and narrow social frontier was broken. People across countries can easily connected and freely communicate over the Internet without the limits of time and space. However, the connection only means dismantling the walls of traditional communities and shortening the distance and cost of communication between people rather than establishing a community ecology with cohesion and confidence, hence it is a weak connection .

It is the advent of blockchain technology that has really turned this weak connection into a strong one. It breaks the boundaries of information and value dissemination over the traditional Internet due to its nature of decentralization. On the basis of the Internet, it makes community participants obtain yields through token incentives, and establishes shared community beliefs through consensus.

From public chains to DeFi, NFT and metaverse, the highlights of blockchain are constantly changing, so more and more knowledge involved needs to be acquired. The LIANGZI Community is a platform which are established by a group of blockchain investment enthusiasts to learn and communicate together. The community has collected huge quantity of authoritative media resources in its long-term development process, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with mainstream industry media at home and abroad. Any news can be posted on mainstream media platforms in real time. The LIANGZI Community adopts a decentralized collaboration method and asks participants to complete the established goals  and participates in community activities. It builds a bridge of interconnection for investors and blockchain enthusiasts, and also builds a professional platform for cooperation and exchange.

On the basis of community consensus, the bottom-up growth process of the LIANGZI Community is guided by a cohesive force to support and promote its continuous development. The LIANGZI Community will reward individuals and teams who have contributed to the community as before and it expects more people with great vision to join the community and promote the ecological development of the community.

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