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Digital asset transactions are intelligent, GIDS giant Aegis node subscription activity starts

The integration of technology and finance is tantamount to a revolution and innovation that has opened up a new pattern of business around the world. Breaking the barriers and conventional thinking modes of traditional industries, the leading development of blockchain technology has brought global transaction circulation into a new era. The Metaverse, NFT and other tracks are changing with each passing day. Overseas attention to digital currency and related popular sectors has driven the development of the overall industry, making the current industry a big hit. There are a wide variety of trading tools on the market. Investors want to enjoy the dividends brought by the digital economy, and it is an inevitable choice to use safe, convenient, stable and efficient trading tools.

GIDS Bureau Aegis helps customers plan financial management through artificial intelligence technology, decentralized trading systems and humanized service applications, maximizes the profits of asset management, and reduces risks and losses at the same time, aiming to serve global digital currency enthusiasts. GIDS has been committed to the development of the blockchain industry since its inception, enlightening the future, and the second stage of node subscription will officially start node subscription at 8:00 on June 26, 2022 (New York time in West Fifth District). Give back to new and old users, a lot of rewards, a lot of surprises!

Node application rules:

1. The application node must not be higher than the node level of its recommender

2. After the node application is successful, you can obtain the corresponding node level dynamic allocation authority and a certain amount of GIDS rewards

3. C1 node/1000USDT, C2 node/15000USDT, C3 node/50000USDT, C4 node/150000USDT, C5 node/500000USDT, C6 node/1500000USDT

GIDS linear release rules:

(GIDS obtained by subscription nodes are automatically released daily in proportion)

1. According to 0.55%/day quantitative directional on-chain contract execution release, to its designated hash address

2. The trigger conditions of the on-chain contract must be met

3. The following two conditions must be met at the same time before the on-chain contract can be executed

A. Pilot node and above

B.C1 Execution condition: Direct sharing of GIDS robot entrustment reaches 1000USDT and above

C2 Execution Condition: Direct sharing of UY robot entrustment reaches 6000USDT and above

C3 Execution Condition: Direct sharing of UY robot entrustment reaches 10,000 USDT and above

C4 Execution Conditions: Direct sharing of UY robot entrustment reaches 10,000 USDT and above, and the team entrusts 150,000 USDT

C5 execution conditions: Direct sharing of GIDS robot entrustment reaches 10,000 USDT and above, and the team entrusts 500,000 USDT or more

C6 execution condition: directly share three C5 nodes and above

GIDS Bureau Aegis is committed to providing global users with a safe, convenient, stable and efficient ultimate trading experience, allowing the system to help you carry out heavy trading work, and you can enjoy life without worry. bring it on! Let us share our love, share our benefits, and create something extraordinary together!

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