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On March 18th, the ECPS world metaverse chain game will officially launch, and the “metaverse +” era is coming

Recently, most of the mainstream crypto assets have shown a continuous downturn. However, the metaverse chain game sector is completely different. Its market has not been affected by the broader market, but has been consistently improving. Not only that, under the background that the concept of Metaverse continues to be sought after by global capital, Metaverse Chain Games has become an absolute hot spot in the field of encrypted assets. Players who have accumulated a certain amount of assets through ECPS in the early days, the launch of the ECPS world metaverse game will greatly appreciate their assets.

ECPS world project will be ready in 2021 and will be tested for two months. During the test period, ECPS world gained a large number of fans with the high-quality production of the game, delicate character and game mechanism settings, and a reasonable pass economic system.

I fully understand the eagerness of many novice players to participate in ECPS world. ECPS world will be officially launched on March 18, 2022. It is the first game launched by ECPS, which builds a metaverse world completely controlled by players. The characters, plots and scenes in the ECPS world game are all from well-known domestic animation design teams. Players can combine various powerful teams according to the characteristics of different characters to take risks in ECPS world and earn encrypted assets.

ECPS world metaverse is divided into four stages: the initial stage, the development stage, the roaming universe stage, and the metaverse stage. The system opens up different game resources at different stages, and the previous stage is the accumulation of the next stage. New players who have not experienced the accumulation of resources in the first three stages can purchase the right to use buildings, facilities, vehicles, etc. from old players.

The game has the attributes of the land, and each land has its own characteristics and weather conditions such as wet, dry, windy, rainy and so on. Because players get different land attributes when registering a farm, the crops suitable for planting will also be different. It is worth noting that the number of farms is only one million, and when the number of user  reaches the limit, no more land registration will be possible. At this time, if there are still newly registered players entering the game, the new registration user interface will not be displayed, and it will be displayed as the farm NFT auction system in the game, prompting the player that the number of farms is full. If you want to play the game, you need to buy farms in the NFT market. There is an NFT link at the bottom of the game interface. Players can also click on the NFT link to jump to the website to purchase farms. Allows players to get more than 100 times the return on investment.

Although the pass of ECPS world is ROC, the limited amount of NFT can undoubtedly allow ECPS world to accumulate a large number of fans in a short period of time, and also shorten the time for players to make money.

ECPS world beta users

As the game infrastructure, the ECPS edge computing system has low latency and zero freezes, allowing me to have a very good gaming experience. Although ECPS world is in its infancy like many metaverse games, it has a complete game structure and is an ecosystem with endless possibilities. It covers economics, politics, culture, technology and other aspects, allowing me to carry out production and life through virtual images with real consciousness. I feel that I have a second life, and maybe I can become Buffett here.

ECPS world CTO Mr. Philip

The ECPS world metaverse is not only a reconstruction of the social civilization system, but also a reconstruction of the economic system. Players can work and live here, create farms, ranches, factories, buy real estate, karaoke songs, watch movies and enjoy various entertainment services. They can also make friends with like-minded interests and find their own lover here. With the continuous upgrading of social civilization, economic activities will also change. The digital economy of the virtual world will be linked with the real economy of the real world. The clothing store in the game will sell clothes from major clothing brands in real life. Customize your own image, supplies, etc. in the game, and use holographic projection to project the car and vehicle models used in the game into reality. The ECPS world metaverse is completely open, and players can use editing tools to create a world they want.

The ECPS world metaverse is a magical world, where all businesses in the real world can be redone, and brand owners can give full play to their brand characteristics to complete their “metaverse +” strategic layout.

In order to make the era of “Metaverse+” come sooner, we will fight like warriors, tear down the walls between the virtual world and the real world, and make ECPS world the richest, happiest, and closest to the real life of players. cosmic world.

After listening to the introduction of the test players and Mr. Philip, the editor believes that the official launch of ECPS world is likely to change the existing ecology, and the era of “Metaverse +” is coming. It is an indispensable option for players or businesses to invest in ECPS world.

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