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New Online Inventory Access To Retirement Income With True Wholesale Pricing

DCF Annuities aims to fundamentally change individual investor access to discounted fixed-income payment streams with true wholesale pricing. The company simplifies access to existing payment streams issued by major top-rated insurance companies by purchasing existing contracts at a discount and placing them into available inventory.

Whitefish, United States - February 10, 2022 /PressCable/

DCF Annuities today officially launched its updated online inventory access portal, now available directly to individual investors. The updated portal comes just weeks after their four-part video series “How To Buy Wholesale Income For Retirement – Easy as 1, 2, 3” was published – both critical efforts to help rescue investors from inflated fees and expenses common with retail-priced income annuities and retail fixed-income mutual funds.

According to a study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), more than 4 out of 10 investors are unaware there are costs and fees associated with their 401(k) retirement plans. A similar study by FINRA showed almost one-third (32%) of investors believe they do not pay mutual fund fees or expenses. These facts, combined with multiple studies showing anywhere from 30% to over 80% depletion of investment accounts solely due to fees highlight the astounding impact of these common hidden costs.

Expenses on investments have an even more dramatic effect on fixed income portfolios. By allowing individual investors direct access to safe fixed income payment streams with true wholesale pricing, the updated portal will reduce retirement account depletion for investors who take advantage of free access to this comprehensive source of wholesale income for retirement. When compared to typical retail sources of retirement income the contrast is dramatic.

The DCF Annuities updated portal launch represents a crucial milestone in bringing safe and secure fixed income directly to investors with true wholesale pricing and no hidden fees or expenses. These contracts are not retail annuities, but secondary market income contracts purchased at a discount.

Recent examples that epitomize the portal’s striking portfolio protecting yields include the following:

Immediate Income of $1,073.50 with 3% COLA for 30 years:

Retail income price: $354,400 with 2.19% yield

Wholesale Income price: $293,100 with 3.4% yield

Retail buyers lose $61,000

Deferred Income 130 payments of $1,230 starting in June 2030:

Retail income price: $116,927 with 2.35% yield

Wholesale Income price: $100,773 with 3.5% yield

Retail buyers lose $16,154

Deferred Lump Sum: $100,000 to mature in 6 years

Retail CD @ 1.3% = $108,045 final value

Wholesale Income @ 3.148% yield = $120,403 final value

Retail buyers lose $12,358

“The goal is to do whatever it takes to make secure and low-cost income streams available to individual investors,” said Nathaniel Pulsifer, Founder & President of DCF Annuities. “The markup and hidden fees on retail income contracts like annuities and mutual funds which people depend on for income is a problem that can’t be ignored. It is imperative that action is taken to help expand access to this wholesale pricing on retirement income for those who can utilize it best. The updated online portal makes it easy.”

The vast majority of these discounted payment streams were originally part of a structured settlement in a personal injury lawsuit. In a structured settlement, an annuity payment stream is purchased from a top-tier insurance company to fund the payments owed to the injured party in compensation for winning their case.

Due to some life change, such as starting a business or buying a new house, the owner wants to trade a part of their ongoing stream of income for a lump sum of cash now, and so they sell a portion of their settlement income. All transactions must be approved by the court as being in the best interest of the seller, must follow strict IRS guidelines, and must comply with all applicable laws. These requirements add not only time – sometimes it takes months to complete the process – but also add complexity in purchasing this type of income stream.

Due to the high yield combined with the complexity involved in procuring these niche contracts, most of these secondary market contracts were purchased by a few large companies like J. G. Wentworth or Sutton Park and then securitized for sale on Wall Street or placed into large portfolios. Prior to the creation of the Wholesale Income inventory portal by DCF Annuities, individual investors were kept out of this marketplace.

As an independent wholesaler of discounted cash flow contracts, DCF Annuities developed a system to eliminate the complexity of purchase and bypass middlemen. This eliminates outrageous markups & fees and greatly simplifies the purchase process. The company’s proprietary pricing model reflects actual secondary market prices plus a flat margin depending on length to maturity. This provides a “what you see is what you get” price to purchasers with a clearly stated yield and zero ongoing fees for the management of these income payment streams. The result is secure, steady income with above-market yields.

With income contacts issued and backed by household-name multi-billion-dollar companies like New York Life, Berkshire Hathaway, Metlife and many others, safety and security is stellar.

“The investment industry has been stacked against the individual investor since the beginning, especially when it comes to fixed-income,” Pulsifer said. “The overriding goal is to ensure the highest yield for individual investors by allowing access to the complete portfolio of exclusive income contracts with true wholesale pricing not found anywhere else.”

Investors can obtain free access to the entire portfolio of wholesale priced immediate income, deferred income, and deferred lump-sum contracts by joining the email notification list at this link

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Organization: DCF Annuities
Address: P. O. Box 5343, Whitefish, MT 39937, United States
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