The Latest Trend in the Stablecoin Industry in 2019 : Stability -Solvency

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London, May 7, 2019 ( - After the recent cryptocurrency market crash in 2018, crypto investors seem to be turning toward stability and solvency, a trend which has led to the rise of the "Stablecoin". In fact, according to a report published in October 2018, there were at least 57 stablecoins that have been released or undergoing development globally.

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of an underlying asset. They are called stablecoins because the value of these cryptocurrencies are kept stable in relation to the underlying asset.

The most popular stablecoin in the market today is Tether (USDT), which has become the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and is in second place after Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of highest daily trading volumes.

However, a lot of controversy surrounds Tether. Suspicions have arisen that the stablecoin is not truly backed by US dollars, as the company has yet to agree to a transparent audit. They have also been accused of causing Bitcoin price manipulation.

As a result, other projects are rising up to take shady Tether's place as the world's most popular stablecoin.

Here we look at a brand new stablecoin that is starting to create a stir in crypto markets worldwide.

The Genesis Stablecoin (GSC) is a stablecoin that is issued by multi-billion-dollar international asset management firm, Genesis International Alliance (GSI).

What makes the GSC unique in the stablecoin space is that it is backed by not just one asset (eg: USD or Gold), but a combination of stable and highly liquid assets within GSI's integrated asset investment portfolio.

Instead of underlying the stablecoin with only a single asset or commodity, GSI has chosen a diverse mix of assets to back the GSC. This in turn gives the GSC greater diversification, thereby making it far more stable than most other stablecoins,making it attractive to investors.

GSC's underlying assets include stocks and equities of enterprises with sizeable market cap, strong market value and the potential for steady price appreciation over time as well as fixed deposits at financial institutions.

GSI's investment strategy of investment portfolio diversification, investing in recession-proof industries, adopting a long-term outlook, which is reflected in its investment portfolio is also a key factor in ensuring the GSC's stability and solvency.

GSI's integrated asset portfolio include extensive investments in trillion dollar industries that are highly resilient to economic downturns and recessions but with tremendous growth potential. These sectors include : Financial Services, Medical and Healthcare services, Culture and Education and Total Wellness.

As such, we foresee that buying and holding the GSC will be like investing in a diverse range of industries that are highly resilient to economic downturns and recessions and yet have the potential to have exponential growth. As GSI's investments in these sectors grow over time, the value of GSC will appreciate in tandem as well.

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