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The film Black Ice is about to start shooting in Pakistan, it is said that not only the strong cast but also his insurance

 According to official sources, the film Black Ice, sponsored and produced by PT Jawa Eye internation Film, the parent company of the global independent film platform Jawa Eye, has officially started shooting in Pakistan.

 Black Ice Is directed by Jonas Akerlund, Produced By Pete Chiarelli & Tony Mosher, Manufacturer By ROCK Solod Productions, sponsor And Issuer By Pt Jawa internet film Indonesia, She starred in Clive Standen, the Thor Vikings, Doctor Who, Heroes and villain, and Hello Dear London, and Sky Ferreira.

 In general, Black ICE has rich experience in film and television projects, from producers, from producers, directors, screenwriters to director of photography and lighting director, including cinema films Clark and Lord Now You Scare 2. Past works include online movies, online dramas and short plays, and they have had practical experience in dramas of different times.

 In the selection of actors, the heroine Sky Ferreira has rich acting experience, the high grasp of the theme of the project, is more suitable for the role. Male lead Clive Standen has rich starring experience, personality is also very fit the setting of the series, has a certain number of fans and popularity.

 Plot: The film has been changed from the novel of the same name, Black IC E, about “Azhammer”, a strange and rare disease, and people with it will eventually lose their memory completely over time. Unfortunately, today’s medicine can do little about the disease to slow its development.

Ordinary people may not be life-threatening, but for a hit man, Azamer’s amnesia is enough to cause him a fatal crisis… the film begins with a clue to the killing of government officials. Antwerp armed police sent the best detective Wink and West to investigate the case, trying to solve the mystery… with the discovery of the case clues, a professional killer named “Black Ice” gradually surfaced. At this time, black ice suffers from Azamer amnesia, disease let black ice painfully discovery, to complete the task of killing the killer is very difficult. When he realized he was being played with in the political game of power, he decided to do justice. And Wink and West are also trying to uncover the intricate mystery to prevent the killer from killing further. Finally, justice finally victory over evil, three people decided to complete their mission —— eradicate Antwerp underground assassination organization.


 Male master: Radar (Clive Standen ornaments) is a cruel and cruel killer, burdened with blood debt. By chance, the radar was switched to Alzheimer’s disease, which means that over time, he is getting closer to “retirement”. On an important mission, Radar is shocked to find out that his assassination target is a 12-year-old child. His tragic childhood left him out, and he decided to start his revenge plan.

 Radar kills his colleague Giles, creating the illusion that he is dead. Meanwhile, excellent detectives Wink and West follow behind Rada, trying to bring him to justice.

The plot and character setting of the project are more in line with the current popular conflict and psychodrama characteristics. Although the police and gangsters are relatively common, they are very unique and innovative in depicting the psychological techniques of depicting the protagonists and killers, which has a strong attraction. The overall writing style is very smooth, with a net sense, not raw and astringent. The dialogue is very “stereoscopic” and full of joy. Generally speaking, it is to the middle level in the same genre. In the script structure, it is more in line with the market demand, not confined to the traditional academic techniques, with breakthroughs and innovation. More can grasp the audience for the plot of the police and bandits psychology.

 The film invested in the production team for three years, from the script changes to the selection of actors, Jonas Akerlund abandoned the high flow of stars, focused on the actors themselves, and finally confirmed the leading role in November, and successfully completed the casting work. For “Black ICE”, it is worth mentioning that its digital special effects, taken for the first time using 5G, virtual reality, yuan universe emerging technology, let the film shooting process complex production can be realized, the director said the attempt for suspense action film is very innovative, through the realization of the film, will be expected to achieve film and another breakthrough in the field of science and technology, to promote the development of the film and television industry,

same, Three years after the major global outbreak, The film and television industry has been in the shock, With the improvement of the global epidemic, It also presents an explosive demand situation, Films like Black ICE are still the top choice for entertainment spending, Since Black ICE started its work, Also being very cautious about the partners and the marketing team, After a long approach, With long-term planning and economic strength, PT Jawa Eye internation Film became the producer and sponsor of Black ICE, Have its film propaganda and box office revenue control, etc.

 In terms of operation: PT Jawa Eye uses “Create a Movie World” -Black ICE, as the core, will launch the first and the killer universe series in 2023, while the second and the third “Black ICE” will be launched in 2024 and 2025, respectively, with the goal to win the Gold Award. PT Jawa Eye Will have the development and license of the novel and film IP, and will strive to build the world’s top IP resource database.

 As a mainstream film operating in accordance with modern commercial rules, Black ICE will be released simultaneously with other global regions, including but not limited to major global cinemas, online video Netflix, Jawa Eye, TIKTOK and other short video platforms.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the official news, Black ICE is developing IP games based on Black ICE, and will create an IP theme amusement park for Black ICE.

In terms of financing: Black ICE has been guaranteed by Film Insurance, and the investors’ investment in Black ICE will be guaranteed by the insurance company with the guaranteed amount of $200W,

Opening amount of the first phase: $50W

· Public offering time: Q1,2023

· Investment recovery cycle: from the date of the film investment, eight months later, the film operation ends.

· Profit sharing: Share the net profit in proportion to the investment.

The guarantee of the insurance company greatly guarantees the ability of Black ICE to resist risks. After the review, Film Insurance will supervise the fund situation, financial statements, the progress of the crew, and other aspects to ensure the smooth completion of the film project.

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