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The world’s first enabling physical mining industry to create a MES split project of “equal rights for shares and minerals” and “equal rights for shares and shares”

Vancouver, Canada / TimesNewswire / February 3, 2023 –  Split financial management, known as the evergreen tree of Internet finance, is an internationally recognized financial management model and has been included in the financial course of Harvard University. In the whole Internet financial management, the split mode is the longest and most profitable mode, breaking the 20/80 rule. The Global Rare Energy Fund, which was established in Vancouver, Canada, in 2015, gathered the advantages of many successful modes, launched a complete set of operational business models, and launched the internal stock “flat plan” in February 2023 to enter the financial field, creating the first financial project “MES split”.

The Global Scarce Energy Foundation is committed to the development of global energy, especially scarce energy, and environmental protection. With the theme of “energy development and sustainable development”, it strives to achieve sustainable development under the premise of continuously creating economic benefits, and contributes to global environmental protection, carbon neutrality and carbon peak.

It is reported that at present, the Foundation has received investments from several large capital groups, such as Goldman Sachs Group, Softbank Group, Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital, etc. With the increasingly tense situation in many parts of the world, energy prices continue to rise, and the Foundation’s profits are also increasing. According to statistics, the investment income ratio of the foundation in 2015-2022 was as high as 1:2582.

In order to continuously expand the scale of enterprise development and enhance the ability of the foundation to resist risks, the foundation has continuously expanded its investment scale, investment channels and financing scope. The foundation has not only been engaged in multiple businesses in the fields of investment planting, mining and resource development for many years, but also focused on resource development, such as aloe planting and processing trade, palm planting and processing trade, gold industry, niobium iron ore industry, lithium ore industry, etc, Since 2019, it has invested in many potential emerging industries, including ecological agriculture and new energy. Meanwhile, it has invested heavily in introducing experts and scholars from various industries, especially senior financial experts from Wall Street, to prepare for cross-border entry into the financial field and reserve strength for enterprise development. After comprehensive research and judgment, the first project in the financial field was finally determined to be a split project known as the “financial evergreen tree”. After more than two years of unremitting efforts by numerous financial investors and actuaries, the “MES split” was finally successfully launched.

The split can be understood as a financial stock that only rises but does not fall. It is based on the quantity of new members’ orders and the internal circulation system to promote the price rising speed and splitting speed. Splitting is the increase in the number of stocks, and rising prices are the higher and higher prices. “MES split” is different from the traditional split project. On the basis of strict control, through a strong internal and external circulation system, it can achieve a win-win situation in which financial management and foundation income generation continue to improve.

Internal circulation system of “MES split”:

Through strict control and actuarial calculation, the main disk can operate for more than 8-10 years, and the following disks can be opened, such as cornerstone disk, advanced disk, accelerated disk, and circular disk, which can realize the industrialization development of split financing and realize the sustainability of income.

External circulation system of “MES split”:

In addition to its strong internal circulation, MES also has an unprecedented strong external circulation system. The platform will increase the 10% commission income in the Global Rare Energy Foundation by hundreds or even thousands of times, and then inject most of the funds back into the MES fund pool, which will add more vitality to the project and promote the rapid development of the project. The rapid development of the project will bring more “10% commission”. Once again, these commission fees will be enlarged in the foundation, and then the funds will be invested in the MES split again Such an endless internal and external circulation makes the MES split truly become a “financial evergreen tree” and a “perpetual motive” for income!

In addition, the combination of “MES split” and physical mining can create a unique “share and mineral rights” and “share and stock rights” in the world, and realize the circulation of virtual stocks in the split. Before the peak of the MES split, the “share and mineral rights” will be opened, so that the virtual stocks in your hands can be equivalent to the physical minerals of the foundation, so that the virtual stocks have the circulation characteristics in addition to the financial attributes.

The foundation has continuously acquired listed companies and listed on NASDAQ in the United States to achieve “equal rights for shares”, so that the virtual shares of MES platform can be exchanged for listed shares of the same value

Through the world’s first and unique “shares, mines and shares with the same rights” and “shares, shares and shares with the same rights”, the circulation of virtual stocks in the “MES split” can be realized, playing four major roles: 1: making stocks fully circulated; 2: preventing the foam from becoming too big; 3: hunger marketing; 4: ensuring the smooth operation of market funds, maximizing the interests of players, and making the financial investment project “MES split” truly enable the mining development of the Global Rare Energy Foundation, And through “MES splitting”, more middle and low income groups can enjoy the real benefits of mining development, create dynamic automatic wave to make money, and continuously promote the sound development of the platform, and make the global scarce energy foundation industry bigger and stronger!

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