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Constellation Dog Alliance will end the third round of airdrop on February 23, 2023 and launch fairly

Interactive airdrops, violent dividends, earning 1000U a day.

After the end of the third round of airdrop, it launches fairly.

1 million community traffic, 20 million fans IP, Ave hot search/top

Interactive airdrop 11 friends to receive Cxda, join the group (QQ+ Telegram), trade permanent violence dividends, and enter the core group.

Self-built groups set up their own clusters (communities), with a community of 2000 people and a reward of 300U.

Self-built top 12 communities, became the spokesperson of the first constellation, and won exclusive NFT and 500U awards.


QQ1 group: 737959076

QQ2 group: 484703721

Name: Constellation dog Alliance

Abbreviation: Cxda

Number of issues: 1,000 trillion pieces

Distribution main network: Binance intelligent chain

Launch time: February 23, 2023, the third round of airdrop ends, and the launch is fair.

Community launch: 20 million fans of Constellation Dog Alliance+simultaneous launch of 12 countries+simultaneous launch of 144 old communities.

Join Cx and lead Cxda ten thousand times.

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