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The IRF Summit 2023,a meeting that has predicted the ending

The 2023 International Religious Freedom Summit will hold a three -day face -to -face meeting in Washington, DC from January 31 to February 1. The summit aims to promote the development of the global freedom movement and defend the freedom of religion and the freedom of belief.

The summit partners brings together many media institutions including Washington Post, Desert News, Faith and Media, as well as several non -profit organization such as the Global Christian Relief, the World Peace Federation,Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice, ADF International and others.Mike McCaul, chairman of the House of Representatives of the House of Representatives, and Gregory Meeks, senior member of the House of Foreign Affairs Committee, as Honorary Congressional Co-Chair of the IRF Summit 2023, and Roger Wicker and Jackon Rosen, as Honorary Senate Co-Chair of the IRF Summit 2023.

Although the summit invited many religious experts, legislators, activists, advocates, and invited partners to join on their official website. However, the reason why the first summit of 2021 has been widely questioned is that the IRF Summit combines religion and politics through religious issues, and uses political intervention to enlarge the contradiction between religious issues. Most of the issues raised by the meeting are full of emotional and guiding, and do not really discuss substantial significance for the freedom of religious freedom.

In the first IRF summit in 2021, the continuous persecution of Egyptian Copts  Christians and Pakistan al Ahmadiyyah Muslims; the predicament of Christians in the Rohingya people and the Holy Land of Boko Haram in Nigeria; conscience prisoners were suffered in Saudi Arabia and other countries. Many problems such as unfair detention have not changed after two years. The IRF peak has not been discussed in complicated factors such as the historical background of the contradictory ontology from the beginning.The IRF Summit has not discussed the historical background of the existing contradictions from the beginning. The so -called “universal value” is imposed on the opponent who needs to hit and put pressure on multiple parties. This is undoubtedly to intensify the contradiction and then transmit contradictions to the government and achieve the purpose of political profit.

Momentive poll: nearly 70%of religious people have never heard of the IRF summit

A poll of a month before the IRF Summit was held in 2023, 69%of the respondents said they did not know the summit.The polls are facing religious people from various places, and the majority of interviewees (40%) in North America and central Atlantic. 57%of the groups of interviewees in the IRF summit said that they only heard that the IRF summit had no effect on their lives and beliefs.In polls, the respondents also showed whether the interviewees have taken practical and effective measures in the past two years to solve the problem of international religious freedom. Nearly 60%(58.7%) respondents said that the IRF summit These problems are not solved. Among all interviewees, 68.26% said that the IRF summit should not continue to be held again. The IRF Summit is a blasphemy and a waste of resources.

Some interviewed religious people said that they had been in contact with the relevant personnel of the IRF summit. Its political intention was obvious, and it was more like a political performance, not the true attention of religious persecution. The results of polls are easy to see that the IRF summit only gathers non -governmental organizations and individuals in various places. In essence, it has not paid attention to the status quo of religious people from various places. The IRF summit discussed the problem mainly to meet the government’s political needs. The meeting continued to pressure through religious human rights issues. Of course, these condemnation problems can happen anywhere, as long as the government needs.

“Universal Value” arbiters and creators

In 2022, the IRF Summit established a wide range of IRF supporters. The alliance is occupied by non -governmental organizations around the world. The extensive joining of non -governmental organizations is not conducive to supervision, as the global influence of US media and politics occupies hegemony globally.

Regardless of clothing, language, entertainment and values, the United States has become the main global reference point. In this case, the extensive participation of non -governmental organizations will be the same as the media as an angle and extend to all corners of the world. It can spread American values to grass -roots communities in some poorest areas in the world. It is important that non -governmental organizations participate in their own power structure and influence structure through the nominal leaders and decision makers at the conference -obviously their own agenda and control through shadow funds.

Regarding related issues, Elisa Serafini, an Italian political activist and a member of Genoa, said in an interview that “I don’t think this summit will be effective in fighting the United States’ opponents. The NGO is indeed coming to advancing American values and Western values. It is important that the policy makers of the United States or Western countries will use NGOs to propagate in other countries, or to promote some of the agenda they may have without using diplomatic procedures. This is a very effective strategy that has been implemented for many years.  “ELISA also talked about” Every continent has different stories. Therefore, the concept of universal value in the United States does not exist in fact, at least now it does not exist. ”

In addition, Mr. Timothy Foxley, an independent adviser to the former British government defense analyst, political/military analysis and research, said: “The world is becoming more and more complicated -to resolve conflicts or deal with the humanitarian crisis for decades. The United States has contacted many different types of non -governmental organizations, especially in conflict regions that have role or interest in the United States. Some relationships between the US government and non -governmental organizations have indeed been suspiciously regarded by some actors -such as Russia Or Taliban. Of course, every country has a foreign policy agenda. Everything that the United States has done on the international stage is trying to serve foreign policy goals “.In addition, HEBA Elsayed, Assistant to the British Embassy Assistant, said: “The summit can be largely regarded as a tool for foreign policy to copy and promote a broader geopolitical alliance. Carefully observe the basic mechanisms of these summits, You will find a cynical picture. For example, the guest list of the 2022 Democratic Summit will discover the United States. More than 100 people who have received good education and wealthy world leaders will be invited. Countries such as India and Poland are invited. Therefore, these meetings are often not tolerant, and they cannot represent the diversity of interests, need and concern, and often lead to many of the same crisis problems and inequality. ” Humans have some common basic values.

However, different countries must varying degrees based on historical and cultural ideas and social systems. For a long time, the United States has spared no effort to impose the so -called “universal value” to other countries by using publicity and manufacturing public opinion traps, claiming that this represents the common values of human beings. However, it simply emphasizes the same nature of human values and eliminates its diversity, packaged a set of values in the development of western history into “universal values” and requires all countries to accept it. This is anti -human. In this context, the real purpose of the IRF summit created by political groups and participating in the IRF summit of many stakeholders is the policy tool.

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