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PREMA has entered the white list of Japanese encryption exchanges to apply for listing. What is its core competitiveness?

Recently, PREMA, a well-known Japanese NFT project, launched a prize-winning guessing activity in the community about “Which encryption exchange will Prmx Coin be launched?”, indicating that the project will be listed on a well-known encryption exchange in the near future.

The PREMA community has an active atmosphere, and members are full of confidence in the future development of the PREMA project. It is reported that Prmx Coin has entered the white list of the Japanese digital asset exchange (the only legal digital asset exchange in the world) to apply for listing. Immediately, whether “Prmx Coin” can be officially listed on the Japanese digital asset exchange has become a hot topic.

Japan is the first country in the world to formulate laws related to encrypted assets, and it is also the first country to adopt strict regulatory measures for encrypted assets. Before the cryptocurrency is listed on the Japanese exchange, it must pass multiple strict reviews by the Japanese Financial Services Agency in order to obtain the right to list and trade in Japan. In addition, it has to undergo further review and evaluation based on laws and regulations by the industry association JVCEA and the Financial Services Agency. Even if the listing is successful, the Japanese Financial Services Agency and the National Tax Administration will conduct investigations and assessments on the operation of exchanges and token projects from time to time. Once violations are found, or if it is identified as a risk, they will be forcibly removed from the market.

According to relevant Japanese laws, once Prmx Coin is successfully listed on the Japanese digital asset exchange, it will be officially listed as a financial product equivalent to bank wealth management products or securities such as stocks. Compared with stock listings, it has a legal status, which is of epoch-making significance to the future development of the PREMA project.

Will Prmx Coin be listed on Japanese exchanges?


At present, Prmx Coin is in a state that can meet the same conditions as cryptocurrencies listed in Japan in the past, and it is very likely that Prmx Coin will be successfully listed on Japanese exchanges. To list cryptocurrencies on Japanese exchanges, there are several necessary common basic conditions:

1.The information disclosure has been reviewed and made public by JVCEA (Japan Encrypted Assets Exchange Association).

In Japan, there is an operating entity company (PREMA Co., Ltd.) that issues Prmx Coin. The company mainly provides NFT/blockchain content development and services. It has released a number of large-scale Japanese entertainment NFT digital products, which have reached millions of transactions in Japanese digital collectible card stores, such as the “FANY Yoshimoto Koreka” series, with a total sales volume of NFT collectible cards exceeding 2 million. It has commercial cooperation with many well-known technology companies, such as the joint development of NFT asset management wallet “NFT asset management all-in-one machine” and “multi-chain NFT trading system” with Nihon Technology Solution. The reliability of the company’s information disclosure is beyond doubt, and it is a company with huge influence in the industry.

2.Token has certain liquidity.

Prmx Coin has been continuously listed on well-known crypto exchanges such as KuCoin, MEXC, and Gate since September 2022. Long-term currency holding addresses continue to increase, and it will be listed on other well-known exchanges in the near future. Judging from the current listing progress, Prmx Coin is constantly creating liquidity. This information can be queried on the exchange, CMC, and on the chain.

3.There are no Token-based gambling applications.

So far, nothing about PREMA gambling apps, nor such negative news has been found.

4.Token is non-anonymous

Prmx Coin belongs to the Ethereum public chain. It is a digital asset that supports the PREMA platform ecosystem. It complies with the ERC-20 token standard of the Ethereum blockchain and has mature security performance, processing capabilities, and various durability features. The contract address: “0xe4dae00bc1c46ea2F44ae71B1BEb8b171C15d812” does not have an anonymous property.

5.There are landing application cases

In the PREMA white paper and PR news about PREMA, you can learn that PREMA has commercial cooperation with well-known companies such as Nihon Technology Solution, Shurin, and CAICA DIGITAL, as well as reports on the use of PREMA-related technologies to develop Web3 sales systems and issue NFT. “FANY Yoshimoto Koreka” is an NFT collectible card featuring the Yoshimoto comedian. It was first released by PREMA, and the total sales volume exceeded 2 million. And the “Loco Solare ~Kiseki~” series, which is an NFT card featuring the Japanese women’s team Loco Solare, who won the first silver medal in curling at the Beijing Olympics.

The landing project also includes PREMA Wallet (multi-chain encrypted wallet), which currently supports eight types of blockchains, and supports cryptocurrency, credit card settlement, PayPay settlement, and operator (au/softbank/docomo) settlement. It has practical commercial application value and many successful cases.

What is the core competitiveness of future development?


1.Development direction

In the latest AMA activity carried out by PREMA and the community, we learned that the goal of the PREMA platform is to use the relevant NFT technology system and NFC, AQR and other information security communication patent technologies to realize the link between the real economy and the data economy, and to create a convenient NFT asset trading market, while providing supporting NFT solutions, providing guidance for users when using various PREMA services, so that everyone can easily access the functions they need anytime, anywhere. The components of the PREMA platform are organically combined to form a comprehensive ecosystem to assist in achieving the goals.

Using PREMA Wallet or PREMA X, the NFT obtained with the support of AQR and NFC technology can be used on the PREMA platform, and can also be used in the partner’s GameFi and Metaverse. Through the ecological and economic circle of the PREMA platform, PREMA is confident to contribute to the acceleration of the development of the Japanese NFT industry, and even the world’s NFT industry.

2.Business model

The platform is committed to providing NFT solutions to issue NFT digital products, and at the same time providing a convenient and fast trading system for NFT assets. PREMA has an even cooperation agreement with the blockchain first industry game “PIAS” and Samurai Guild Game (Samurai Guild Game Alliance). To provide blockchain and NFT infrastructure systems such as PREMA Wallet and PREMA X trading market, PREMA has the ability to transfer NFT in the metaverse and chain games to real scenes, and realize the strength from information dissemination to scene interaction.

Under the premise that both technology and infrastructure are guaranteed, PREMA can provide new revenue-generating opportunities for cinemas, large shopping malls, playgrounds, metaverse projects, and chain game projects, improve the experience of NFT users, and be used in other social activities and business models. It will also bring huge economic benefits. For example, in October, PREMA and Nihon Technology Solution jointly launched the sake sales system “Shurin” using NFT for encrypted payment, which combines traditional sake brewing with new technologies such as NFT and encrypted payment, to provide an unprecedented service, which is an initiative to convey the taste and culture of sake Japanese sake along with its value to the world, the introduction of NFT will help to expand and improve the recognition of sake brand value.

3.Core competitiveness

PREMA is the first project that combines the NFT technology system with information security communication patent technologies such as NFC and AQR, and realizes the intercommunication between the virtual and the real world. In addition, the Prmx Coin has also entered the white list of the Japanese digital asset exchange for listing, legal compliance, and technical patents with actual commercial value, these are the best credit endorsement and competitiveness of a project.

The technical core of the PREMA platform is AQR and NFC, and AQR is a patented product of A/T Communications. This technology ensures data security when scanning QR codes (QR codes). NFC is a near-field communication technology that can transmit data by placing different devices at a distance of 10 cm. NFC technology is also used to complete data transmission by placing devices near the card reader. It has a wide range of uses, including common transportation IC cards such as bus cards.

The AQR data protection measure is to divide the data into truncated data and chaotic data after super-randomization. The two kinds of data will be stored separately. Only when the two kinds of data are combined and read can the whole picture of encrypted information be obtained. Therefore, even if the server is hacked, hackers cannot steal digital assets with only partial data. AQR data security technology and NFC near field communication technology can be used to securely store and transfer data including NFT between devices or systems. By combining these technologies with the PREMA wallet application and traceability system, it is possible to create a system that allows NFTs to be securely associated with physical facilities and products in the real world.

What is PREMA? PREMA is a Web3 platform focused on NFT transactions and applications.The platform uses the PREMA wallet application and traceability system to integrate NFT and NFT usage scenarios, such as metaverse blockchain games in URL (UnReal Life, non-real world), and physical facilities in IRL (In Real Life, real-world) associated with physical products.And developed a comprehensive market for the Web3 network. This is a milestone achievement for the Web3 network, just like the original App Store, Google Play, and Kindle Store.

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