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Revive Lawn Care Products Examines Whether the Organic Lawn Fertilizer Really Works

Denver, Colorado -

Revive Lawn Care Products, a company based in Westminster, CO, has elucidated on the question as to whether the organic-based lawn fertilizer really works. The blog post they recently published presents the basics on why an organic fertilizer is best for the lawn, the various types of organic fertilizer available, and how to pick the best option for a particular home or yard. In addition, choosing an organic fertilizer can also help in minimizing an individual’s environmental footprint.

An organic fertilizer for the lawn is a kind of fertilizer that is made from natural ingredients that nourish the soil and keep the lawn healthy with their organic components. The ingredients are typically derived from vegetable, plant, and animal sources. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, organic fertilizers don’t contain potentially harmful chemicals that can pollute the soil and may harm aquatic life when leached into larger bodies of water. Experts have also indicated that organic fertilizers can result into healthy soils, while also allowing grass plants to become strong and have more robust root systems compared to when synthetic fertilizers are used.


A strong argument against organic fertilizers is that they may mean more work for getting the desired results because the energy inputs for naturally generated products are usually higher than for synthetic fertilizers. They may need regular treatments instead of just one big treatment with synthetic fertilizer for getting the desired results. Also, since organic fertilizer isn’t fully soluble in water, it may take longer for nutrients to become available to the plants, as opposed to synthetic fertilizers which can dissolve quickly.

John Eden from Revive Lawn Care Products explains, “Despite the strong counterarguments, there is much evidence to support the use of organic fertilizer as a healthier and more sustainable method for keeping your lawn green and healthy. It not only produces strong grasses but also contributes to improved soil health over time by adding important trace elements like calcium, magnesium and sulfates back into the soil profile.”

Research has also revealed that the regular use of organic fertilizer can result into higher filtration rates of water over time become of its enhanced structure in contrast to non-organic treated soils. Thus, homeowners and gardeners are increasingly relying on organic products due to their natural-base ingredients and environmental benefits.

John Eden says, “One of the biggest advantages of using organic fertilizer for your lawn is improved soil structure. Organic fertilizers are made up of naturally occurring materials such as compost, manure, animal byproducts, and plants, which all release nutrients slowly into the soil. By providing food for microorganisms in the soil, organic fertilizers help create a living layer within the dirt below. This building block layer will keep water from running off, allow air to pass through, provide housing for earthworms, and protect plants’ roots from temperature extremes.”

Another advantage of organic fertilizers is that they can promote the healthy growth of plants by supplying nutrients to the plants at a steady rate and also fostering the growth of beneficial microbes that work in conjunction with the plant root systems. The slow release of nutrients from the organic fertilizers helps avoid dangerous spikes in nitrogen or other nutrient levels that could burn plant roots and ultimately result to less weeds and healthy grass plants.

The Revive organic fertilizer was originally developed in 1972 in Denver for use by professional groundskeepers. It was touted as a solution for the water shortage caused by lack of treatment facilities by the Denver Water Board. It was then introduced to the public in 1977 via a Denver lawn care company, which achieved great success with the product. Revive was able to help save many lawns when water restrictions were imposed again in 1979. For a long time, Revive had maintained its liquid formulation. However, the development of a granular formulation was needed to provide more alternatives for application flexibility. Revive also introduced a new packaging design in 2013, which also incorporated a new logo, which features a water drop and a ladybug and the Revive letters made to look like blades of grass.

Those who want to know more about the organic lawn fertilizer products can check out the Revive Lawn Care Products website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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