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Tectum Blockchain Hits1.3 Million Transactions Per Second Mark in Guinness World Record Attempt Phase 1

Mahe, Seychelles, Feb. 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tectum Blockchain hit the threshold of 1.3 million transactions per second while completing the Guinness World Record attempt phase 1. Earlier in January, the company announced that it would confirm its decentralized network as the fastest blockchain in the world.

As promised, the tech firm began the process by completing the first stage of the process. Meanwhile, this is just one aspect of the event. There will be a sequel, which will conclude the record attempt on the 25th of February.

Report of the Tectum Blockchain Guinness World Record Attempt Phase 1

Following the completion of the first stage, Tectum is issuing a report on the results. The team understands that not everyone may have participated in the live event. In addition, certain individuals are not technically inclined and may not understand the process. Hence, there is a need to give a simplified summary of everything that happened on the 5th of February.

The Tectum Blockchain Guinness World Record Attempt Phase 1 began with the team processing transactions on the blockchain. It began with running 500,000 transactions, which were processed in less than one second. After the initial result, testers steadily increased the transaction volume in subsequent trials.

Below is a breakdown of the results from different tests:

  • 500,000 transactions - completed in 0.75 seconds
  • 1,500,000 transactions - completed in 1.65 seconds
  • 3.000,000transactions - completed in 3.07 seconds
  • 6,000,000 transactions - completed in 4.62

Going by the numbers, the Tectum blockchain was able to process 1,298,701 transactions in one second. To understand how the team arrived at this figure, simply divide 6,000,000 by 4.62. The answer is the average transaction speed.

Details of the Final Event

Following the completion of Tectum Blockchain Guinness World attempt, phase 1, the Tectum will be conducting the second and final stage on the 25th of February. This is a key part of the process for official recognition as the fastest layer-1 blockchain.

While sharing the report, the team also stated that there will be a separate announcement for the second phase.

About Tectum

Tectum is the fastest layer-1 blockchain, with a speed of 1.3 million transactions per second. It uses proof of utility consensus to process transactions through trusted nodes. Unlike most web3 networks, this blockchain processes transactions in layers, ensuring that there are no traffic congestions or delayed transactions. In addition, Tectum also utilizes zero-knowledge proofs to maintain the privacy of transactions on its network.

This blockchain is developed by Crispmind- an intellectual property and software development firm with decades of experience developing cost-effective and customer-centric solutions. For several years, the company has leveraged the experience and expertise of the best developers to create ground-breaking products and services.

This ranges from secure messaging and user authentication to blockchain, distributed ledgers, and cryptocurrency. Its innovative approach has seen Crispmind have private companies and governmental institutions as clients. Regardless of the project, the principle of this company has always been to “create simple solutions for complex problems.”

Some of Crispmind’s projects include:

  • Tectum - the fastest layer 1 blockchain in the world with a proof of utility consensus protocol and zero-knowledge proof system.
  • Tectum Wallet - a comprehensive blockchain wallet that is simple to use and enables people to manage their digital assets in one place.
  • SoftNote Bills - crypto cash that makes Bitcoin more spendable.
  • X-Factor Authenticator - a quantum-proof three-factor authentication protocol that utilizes a human-machine security algorithm to ensure maximum security.

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SOURCE: Crispmind

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