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Hagens Berman: Law Firm Investigating Permanent Injuries and Disfigurement from Botched CoolSculpting Procedures

Attorneys say CoolSculpting risks include irreversible damage to patients, especially men

Consumer-rights and personal injury law firm Hagens Berman has launched a nationwide investigation into CoolSculpting regarding the risk of permanent disfigurement and serious harm to patients’ bodies following treatment, which can include paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH).

The law firm’s investigation has shown that while CoolSculpting has been marketed to the public as a safe, non-surgical alternative to liposuction for those hoping to reduce fat in common trouble areas, CoolSculpting has left many with permanent disfigurement and serious side effects.

If you underwent CoolSculpting treatment and believe you may have suffered injuries and/or developed PAH, you may have rights to compensation. Contact Hagens Berman to find out more about this issue and your rights against those responsible for CoolSculpting.

“We believe that the makers and providers of CoolSculpting intentionally ignored the hazards of this product, misleading the public for sake of profits,” said Steve Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman. “The effects of this botched procedure can be costly and permanent, and we’re hoping to help those who were unknowing put at risk.”

Recent research has shown that patients were deceived about the risk of developing PAH and other tissue abnormalities following CoolSculpting. PAH leaves CoolSculpting patients with an unexpected increase in fatty deposits, having the opposite intended effect. Body tissue affected by PAH appears swollen, firm, lumpy, and unusually full.

“We intend to show that what the makers and providers of CoolSculpting did constitutes negligence and that those harmed – especially those who have suffered from PAH – deserve restitution through the law,” Berman added.

PAH has been shown to develop in as many as 1 in 138 patients following CoolSculpting. In 2015, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine reported the incidence of PAH among CoolSculpting patients was 100 times greater than the manufacturer’s reported incidence. Men have an increased risk of developing PAH, particularly on their abdominal areas.

What Do CoolSculpting Patients Need to Know?

Attorneys are offering the following guidance to patients who may have been permanently harmed by CoolSculpting and/or may have developed PAH:

  1. How do I know if my CoolSculpting complications are PAH? PAH typically occurs within six months to one-year post-procedure and is more common in men who have received CoolSculpting, especially via the use of a large applicator. If you have questions or concerns, contact our legal team.
  2. What claims might I have if I’ve been injured? We believe Zeltiq and its parent company, Allergan, and the providers responsible for CoolSculpting have caused immense harm to users of CoolSculpting and negligently concealed information about hazards related to this product. These actions should have consequences, and you may have legal rights against these companies. Personal injury lawsuits related to CoolSculpting could recover your losses for the cost of the procedure, or cost of subsequent procedures to treat PAH.
  3. Has a lawsuit been filed about CoolSculpting? The makers of CoolSculpting have been the subject of personal injury lawsuits regarding permanent disfigurement and PAH following treatment. Hagens Berman is seeking to help additional patients who have suffered similar adverse outcomes. Contact our legal team to learn more.

Find out more about the investigation into the makers of CoolSculpting for PAH and other patient concerns following the treatment.

About Hagens Berman

Hagens Berman is a global plaintiffs’ rights complex litigation law firm with a tenacious drive for achieving real results for those harmed by corporate negligence and fraud. Since its founding in 1993, the firm’s determination has earned it numerous national accolades, awards and titles of “Most Feared Plaintiff’s Firm,” MVPs and Trailblazers of class-action law. More about the law firm and its successes can be found at Follow the firm for updates and news at @ClassActionLaw.


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