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DataBillity Launches New Billing and Payments Data Model for Deeper Consumer Insights

New Data Experience Platform Empowers Businesses to Leverage Billing Data for Predictive Insights and Tailored Customer Experiences

Seattle, WA - Databillity announces the launch of the DataBillity AI platform – a Data Experience Platform that enables businesses and brands to leverage their billing and payment data to supercharge selling experiences with predictive insights that deliver true personalization.

DataBillity is the brain-child of co-founders and longtime technology veterans Bryan Guy and Jonathan Regalado. “From the lessons learned developing digital, BI and personalization platforms for Starbucks, T-Mobile, Microsoft, F5 Networks, our team understands that high quality buyer data is a catalyst for enabling personalization,” said Bryan Guy, CEO. “This makes commerce data, namely billing and payment transactions extremely compelling and the key to delivering personalization as nothing speaks more about a person than what they spend their money on.”

But even the giants struggle with personalization due to data silos, the lack of technology and predictive intelligence centered on high quality buyer data. “Personalization is a differentiator for any business and it takes a data strategy and team of technologies to do that. For example, CDPs and CRMs are absolutely necessary, so we’re not here to replace these technologies, instead, we lean into our mastery of billing and payment data and augment these platforms to generate better insights, customer experiences and opportunities to monetize the millions and sometimes, billions of rows of transactional data that they’re sitting on,” continued Bryan Guy, CEO.

Like the popular Capital One slogan “What’s in your wallet?” DataBillity actually knows what is in consumers’ wallets. To go along with its technology, the company is building a compelling proprietary dataset that assigns and enriches personas based on each unique co-branded credit card.

The average U.S. consumer carries nearly 4 credit cards and the team at DataBillity believes that each card in consumers’ wallets has its own persona. Brian Guy, CEO of Datability again states, “Any given credit card in your wallet tells a story – from eligibility criteria like acceptable credit scores and income level to reward programs centered on travel, food or cash back, we build off of each credit card in the buyer’s wallet to continuously create and enrich customer profiles.”

As a startup, Guy and team committed themselves to the rapid growth of their subscriber base and had this to say “as a growth strategy, when we conceived DataBillity, we knew that integrating with popular payments and billing platforms would be essential for gaining new subscribers and to accelerate onboarding.” He further highlighted, “Businesses should have the ability to seamlessly and easily connect to their systems or they won’t use the tech, plain and simple. So, from the outset, we committed ourselves and our capital to integrating with many popular CRMs, CDPs, ERPs and payment platforms. We have been fortunate to build integrations and relationships with world-class platforms like Stripe, Salesforce, Intuit and others in order to provide our users with the best coverage of their customer billing and payment data.”

About DataBillity 

DataBillity AI is a data experience platform provider with offices in the U.S. and Canada. The company has a specialty in boosting the customer experience and conversions with commerce data, namely billing and payment transactions. This B2B2C platform supports unifying customer billing and payment information to build 360° customer profiles; transforming and enriching customer profiles with zero, first and third-party data; and engaging buyers leveraging hyper-predictive purchasing insights to deliver hyper-personalized recommendations during the online and in-store shopping experience. 

To learn more or request a DataBillity demo, please visit our website at or

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