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                                 CURRENT REPORT

        Pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of

Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported)  June 10, 2003

                       SPRINT CORPORATION
     (Exact name of Registrant as specified in its charter)

  Kansas                       1-04721                 48-0457967
(State of Incorporation) (Commission File Number)      (I.R.S.Employer
                                                        Identification No.)

   6200 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park, Kansas                      66251
     (Address of principal executive offices)                    (Zip Code)

Registrant's telephone number, including area code   (913) 624-3000

          (Former name or former address, if changed since last report)

        P. O. Box 11315, Kansas City, Missouri 64112 (Mailing address of
                          principal executive offices)

Item 5.  Other Events.

     On June 10, 2003,  the registrant  ("Sprint")  announced that it would take
second  quarter  charges  resulting  from its  decision to wind down its hosting
business and from  executive  separation  agreements.  The press  release was as

Sprint Announces Second Quarter Charges Resulting from Decision to Wind Down its
Hosting Business, Executive Separation Agreements

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - June 10, 2003 - Sprint (NYSE: FON, PCS) today announced it
expects to report an  approximate  20-cents-per-  share  charge  against its FON
Group  earnings in the second  quarter  related to winding  down its Web hosting
business.  The company also expects to report a  1-cent-per-share  charge in the
quarter  against  both FON Group and PCS Group  earnings  related to  separation
agreements for three former executives.

The hosting  actions are  expected to result in pre-tax  charges  ranging in the
aggregate from $400 million to $475 million. These charges include approximately
$300 million  related to the  impairment of hosting  assets,  with the remainder
related to expected cash requirements for facility lease terminations,  customer
migration, employee termination, and other wind-down costs. The asset impairment
charges will be recorded in the 2003 second  quarter and the  remaining  charges
will be recognized in subsequent  periods as the company  executes plans related
to migrating hosting customers to other providers. The decision to wind down the
hosting  business  reflects an ongoing  evaluation  of the  company's  strategic
direction by Sprint's new executive  management  team.  The Global Markets Group
will continue to focus on strategic IP-related opportunities.  For the 12 months
ending March 31, 2003, hosting activities contributed  approximately $60 million
in revenue and diluted FON Group earnings by approximately 10 cents per share.

"Sprint's  priorities have clearly been articulated and include growing top-line
revenue and  protecting  and improving  the company's  bottom line," said Howard
Janzen, president, Global Markets Group. "Those priorities require us constantly
to monitor and review  which areas make both  economic  and  strategic  sense to
pursue on behalf of customers, investors and shareholders."

Specifically, Sprint:

o    Plans to  transition  current  hosting  customers to preferred  third-party
     providers or strategic partners under a migration plan to meet the critical
     needs of  customers.

o    Will no longer pursue direct sales of hosting,  including  managed  hosting
     and collocation services, to enterprise business customers. Sprint's direct
     sales  force will  continue  to focus on  aggressively  selling  IP-related
     products  and  services  that are  critical  to  hosting,  such as  managed
     services and network transport on its Tier 1 IP backbone.

o    Will phase out  operations  at eight  Sprint  E|Solutions  Centers once the
     customer  migration plan has been  completed.  These centers are located in
     Atlanta;  Boston;  Dallas;  Denver; Los Angeles; New York City; Sacramento,
     Calif.;  and  Santa  Clara,   Calif.


o    Plans to transition two Sprint E|Solutions  Centers in the Kansas City area
     and Reston,  Va., to corporate  data centers that also support other Sprint
     network capabilities.

The hosting actions are expected to affect  approximately 500 employees over the
course  of the  customer  migration  plan.  Most of this  reduction  in force is
expected to be completed by the end of 2003.

Sprint  also will  recognize  in the 2003  second  quarter  pre-tax  charges  of
approximately $36 million in connection with separation  agreements agreed to by
Sprint and William T. Esrey, former chairman and chief executive officer; Ronald
T. LeMay,  former president and chief operating officer;  and J. Richard Devlin,
former  executive  vice  president  -  general  counsel,  external  affairs  and
corporate  secretary.  The  charges  include  $15  million of  non-cash  expense
associated with accounting for  modifications  to certain terms of stock options
granted in prior  periods,  as required by  Statement  of  Financial  Accounting
Standards No. 123  "Accounting for  Stock-Based  Compensation."  Most of the FON
options have exercise prices that are approximately two times the current market
prices,   while  most  of  the  PCS  options  have  exercise   prices  that  are
approximately  five times the current market  prices.  The charge to earnings in
the second  quarter  will be  approximately  one cent per share each for the FON
Group and the PCS Group.  The  agreements  for Messrs.  Esrey and Devlin will be
filed with the SEC with a Form 8-K. Mr. LeMay's agreement was filed with the SEC
on May 14, 2003.

Over the next four quarters, the company will also recognize pre- tax charges of
$6  million  related  to the  consulting  and  non-  compete  components  of the
separation agreements.

Cautionary  Statement  regarding  forward-looking  information
This news release includes  "forward-looking  statements"  within the meaning of
securities  laws.  The  statements  in this news release  regarding the business
outlook  and  expected  performance  as well as  other  statements  that are not
historical  facts  are   forward-looking   statements.   The  words  "estimate,"
"project,"  "intend,"  "expect,"  "believe,"  and similar  expressions  identify
forward-looking   statements.   Forward-looking  statements  are  estimates  and
projections  reflecting  management's judgment and involve a number of risks and
uncertainties  that could cause actual results to differ  materially  from those
suggested   by  the   forward-looking   statements.   With   respect   to  these
forward-looking  statements,  Sprint has made assumptions regarding, among other
things,  customer and network usage, customer growth,  pricing, costs to acquire
customers and to provide services, the timing of various events and the economic
environment.  Important  factors  that  could  cause  actual  results  to differ
materially  from  estimates  or  projections  contained  in the  forward-looking
statements include:

o    extent and duration of the current economic downturn;
o    the  effects  of  vigorous  competition  in the  markets  in  which  Sprint
o    the effects of mergers  and  consolidations  within the  telecommunications
     industry and unexpected  announcements  or developments  from others in the
     telecommunications industry;
o    the  uncertainties  related to the outcome of  bankruptcies  affecting  the
     telecommunications industry;
o    the uncertainties related to Sprint's investments;
o    the impact of any unusual  items  resulting  from  ongoing  evaluations  of
     Sprint's business strategies;


o    the impact of new and emerging technologies on Sprint's business;
o    the  possibility  of one or more of the  markets in which  Sprint  competes
     being  impacted by changes in political  or other  factors such as monetary
     policy,   legal  and  regulatory   changes  including  the  impact  of  the
     Telecommunications  Act of 1996 (Telecom  Act), or other  external  factors
     over which Sprint has no control; and
o    other  risks  referenced  from time to time in  Sprint's  filings  with the
     Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC").

Sprint believes these  forward-looking  statements are reasonable;  however, you
should not place undue reliance on forward-looking  statements,  which are based
on current expectations and speak only as of the date of this release. Sprint is
not obligated to publicly release any revisions to forward-looking statements to
reflect  events  after the date of this  release.  Sprint  provides  a  detailed
discussion  of risk  factors in periodic SEC  filings,  including  its 2002 Form
10-K, and you are encouraged to review these filings.

About  Sprint
Sprint is a global communications  company serving more than 26 million business
and  residential  customers  in over 70  countries.  With  approximately  72,000
employees worldwide and nearly $27 billion in annual revenues,  Sprint is widely
recognized for developing,  engineering and deploying  state-of-the-art  network
technologies,  including  the United  States'  first  nationwide  all-  digital,
fiber-optic  network  and an  award-winning  Tier 1  Internet  backbone.  Sprint
provides  local voice and data  services in 18 states and  operates  the largest
100-percent digital, nationwide PCS wireless network in the United States.

Item 7.  Financial Statements and Exhibits.


99(a)Letter  Agreement  dated May 12,  2003 and Full and Final  General  Release
     effective May 12, 2003, between Sprint Corporation and J. Richard Devlin.

99(b)Separation  Agreement  dated  as of  May  12,  2003,  by and  among  Sprint
     Corporation, Sprint/United Management Company and William T. Esrey.



     Pursuant to the  requirements  of the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934, the
registrant  has duly  caused  this  report  to be  signed  on its  behalf by the
undersigned, hereunto duly authorized.

                              SPRINT CORPORATION

Date: June 10, 2003
                              By:  /s/ Michael T. Hyde
                                   Michael T. Hyde, Assistant Secretary


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No.  Description

99(a)Letter  Agreement  dated May 12,  2003 and Full and Final  General  Release
     effective May 12, 2003, between Sprint Corporation and J. Richard Devlin.

99(b)Separation  Agreement  dated  as of  May  12,  2003,  by and  among  Sprint
     Corporation, Sprint/United Management Company and William T. Esrey.