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Successful Emergency Response Field Test of the Imcon International Internet Backpack on an Active Volcano by One Planet Education Network (OPEN) and Goma Volcano Observatory (GVO) Emergency Response

In Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) GVO Scientists Conduct a Series of "Live" Field Tests During an Ascent to Mt. Nyiragongo's Summit (11,380 ft.) Using Imcon Internet Backpack

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2018 / Imcon International Inc. in collaboration with its global education partner, OPEN, and GVO have successfully tested the emergency service capabilities and data communications relays of the Imcon Internet Backpack.

Tests were conducted within the standard Backpack on an active volcano to determine how Internet-connectivity and off-grid emergency communications systems could operate in harsh electromagnetic environments. Throughout the ascent, GVO scientists were in constant satellite communications via the Imcon Cloud-Based Backpack GridstreamER Edgeware Platform with OPEN's backpack system in the USA 6,800 miles (10,944 km) away. The testing results showed that when all normal communications systems are unavailable due to an eruption or earthquake event, the Imcon Backpack technologies can maintain communications to other Imcon Internet Backpack units.

The Internet Backpack is designed with highly redundant and secure software-controlled communications. Data transmission systems can provide GVO and like organizations real-time emergency response data from sensor networks, while simultaneously communicating among disaster relief teams managing emergency events. GVO is in charge of the 24/7 monitoring of this volcano and directs large-scale evacuations with local and international emergency services organizations. GVO and Imcon/OPEN in Goma, DRC, are conducting further testing and customization of the backpack for education and emergency services applications. The teams will soon be setting up a new Internet of Things (IoT) volcano sensor networks for safe, secure state-of-the-art wireless volcano monitoring coverage, allowing for greater advance warning for emergency events.

OPEN is already offering Backpack-related emergency services education programs to the local public schools in the DRC, and its remote network of schools internationally. Imcon/OPEN teams will be conducting further testing on new units and IoT sensor networks with both local students and volcanologists. Imcon/OPEN team plans to offer additional Backpack Emergency services education to professionals and the general public.

"Our goal is to help GVO improve disaster response times, allow real-time communications and information exchanges between all emergency services organizations equipped with the Backpacks at all times, as well as keep the public better informed during such potentially chaotic emergency situations. The Cloud and Edgeware-based software platform within the Backpack allows for easy integration of new mobile and web-based GPS apps for a more fully informed field worker to make on-the-spot life-saving decisions, due to accurate real-time information. In collaboration with our school programs, we are currently training local and remote students on these important next-generation Internet tools, enlisting them to become active participants in protecting and supporting their communities while learning skills for the 21st-century job market." stated Rob Loud, CEO of Imcon international.

GVO Director General, Dr. Katcho Karume added,

"This is a ground-breaking technology tool for our scientists who can now safely monitor volcano and seismological disturbances from our offices 15 kilometers from the volcano and other sets of IoT sensors on the shores of nearby Lake Kivu. We plan on testing a series of new IoT sensor technologies this year and further customize the backpack for science, but also critical emergency services operations. Working with other disaster response organizations, we will test the Imcon Backpacks in a series of evacuation drills in the coming year to further refine this versatile mobile technology platform with its real-time monitoring and emergency response capabilities."

Associate Dean Arthur Thomas of Syracuse School of Information Studies

"The Imcon Internet Backpack Project has been an excellent opportunity for experiential learning for our students at Syracuse University (SU). The project has engaged students through the WiTec student organization, as well as through the iConsult information technology volunteer consulting program. The interdisciplinary nature of the project, involving technology management, earth science, software, Internet of Things and global engagement, is an example of the types of projects being coordinated by SU's Digital Transformation Collaborative (DTC). This new, multi-disciplinary program serves to connect external organizations with students representing degree programs at several schools and colleges inside SU. Through DTC projects, students have a chance to provide real-world, transformative solutions while the organizations tap into the developing talent and skills of our students across several specialty areas. The DTC is grateful to OPEN for engaging with us in this significant experiential learning opportunity - it's a win-win for everyone involved."

About Imcon International Inc.

Imcon International Inc., an immediate connectivity solutions provider, is developing edgeware services and device solutions such as the Internet Backpack, which conform to the Open Specifications Model for the Internet of Things v0.5. The Open Specifications Model was developed through fifteen years of National Science Foundation and industry-supported cloud to edge (edgeware) dynamic secure solutions research and development led by Syracuse University School of Information Studies Professor Lee W McKnight. Lee is co-inventor of the Internet Backpack. For more information visit

About OPEN (One Planet Education Network)

OPEN's mission is to promote scientific and technological literacy to best prepare young students for the global challenges ahead. These include the modernization of critical infrastructure, sustainable community development, environmental remediation, the impacts of Biotechnology/Neuroscience/AI/robotics, and commercialization and colonization of space. We prepare the global community of learners for the realities of the 21st-century workplace and world, so they can help us resolve the major challenges confronting civilization. For more information visit

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SOURCE: Imcon International Inc.

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