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Emmy-Nominated Artist Rob G Anticipated Music Video "What Else is There?" Showcasing Acting Skills and Powerful Message.

San Francisco, California, United States - 02-09-2023 (PR Distribution™) -

"What Else is There?” Is the highly anticipated film-like new music video by Emmy-Nominated artist Rob G and directed by Emmy-Nominated producer & director Ant Taylor. The video showcases Rob G's acting skills and reverberates a powerful message, set to a melodic beat produced by Lonz Kid Music Productions. 

Shot on location in the iconic city of San Francisco, "What Else is There?" delves into the theme of compassion and highlights the things that truly matter in life. The visual elements complement the song's lyrics, creating a moving and thought-provoking piece of art.

Rob G's performance in the video is outstanding, as he delivers the song's message with raw emotion and sincerity. He captures the essence of the song, making the video a must-watch for fans of the artist and music lovers alike. This ear catchy song inspires everyone to grab onto ones most cherished moments of life. 

The collaboration between Rob G and Ant Taylor is nothing new, as the two have worked together on multiple projects in the past. Their long-standing relationship is evident in the smooth flow and cohesive vision of "What Else is There?"


In a world where material possessions and superficial things often take center stage, "What Else is There", serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion and love. The video's message is timely and relevant, making it a standout piece in the music industry. 

Rob G takes you on a journey through life’s most difficult times, but always back to your happy place. “What Else Is There” is an epic mind-blowing video showing the world that you’ll never know the story of someones life or the circumstances of how they got into their current situation. “What Else Is There” is a reminder that the forgotten or the so-called irrelevant people of society may be the person or people to help out the most. This song touches upon just that, where the least likely candidates of society could be the ones to save the world. 


In conclusion, "What Else is There" is a triumph of art and music. There’s a lot going on in the world and “What Else Is There” makes you think about all of it and allows you to awaken, recognize and value others above and beyond the normal capacity of the definition of love and life. The combination of Rob G's acting skills, Ant Taylor's directing talent, Lonz Kid production prowess, and the powerful message makes this video a standout in the music industry. Fans of Rob G and music lovers alike will not be disappointed.


Rob G, whose real name is Robert Gray, is well known for his Emmy nominated rap song and instructional video, SFO Mask On. He did the song to encourage people to wear their masks in the fight against COVID-19. But he has been involved in music since the tender age of 12. Rob G is an American-born artist from the Bay Area, San Francisco, California. He owes his sleek rap and songwriting skills to his early involvement in poetry.

Poetry is the power behind his powerful lyrics and compositions that wow his fans across various platforms. 

Rob's Emmy nominated song, Mask On, showed the world his unique connection with the realities of everyday life. In his last few releases, All In, Can I, Payback, Don’t Like Us, Be Like You, and Mask On SFO is still climbing the music charts. Rob G’s passion for mimicking real life in his songs is unmatched. His poetic flows will always capture relevant, modern-day topics that can help uplift and shape our societies, including the youngsters in our communities. Such deep, uplifting lyrics, laced with realism and profound practical knowledge about life, are always accompanied by melodic beats deliberately made to invoke happy memories in his listeners as Rob unleashes his music to soothe troubled souls and motivate those on the verge of giving up on life. He, indeed, has an esteemed connection with the world and its real experiences.

After being active in music, poetry, and songwriting since the age of 12, Rob had his first involvement with a music group in San Francisco called TMC. He later teamed up with a Milwaukee-born, Oakland Artist, Straight TMK of Ghetto Poet Society. Rob's star shone rapidly while teaming up with these other artists, literally becoming one of the many gifted individuals who grew up around music, participating on many fronts. This experience was a blessing for Rob G, as many outstanding performances, songs, and collaborations were born from the experience.

Teaming up with TMC and Straight TMK resulted in many rap albums being produced, further allowing Rob to perfect his craft in several ways while making inroads on various platforms where he connected with listeners which also produced two high selling albums. Rob G premiered on several other projects including multiple maxi-singles and his solo Album “The Foretold Truth” and has other unreleased material to be released soon.

As an individual, Rob has constantly challenged himself to do better. Formerly a nationally ranked wrestler and semi-pro football athlete, Rob is also an active engineer, whose love for music has him working on several new singles and an album to be released soon including, What Else Is There, All In, Say So, Shake It, and Be the Goat. Rob has championed the underground artist world as he managed to break through various limits, ending up collaborating with various artists. His special, excellent video on his song, Mask On, is one work that reveals the excellent ground he has made for himself in the industry and to think that he came from the underground rap groups leaves one highly amazed at his progress.

Audiences who enjoy rap music with a poetic twist should brace themselves for All In and All In Animated version. 

With a more aggressive approach with his music Rob G plans on becoming a household name in the near future and will use his affiliation to record labels Paradigm Music Group SFX Inc., RobGMusic Group, and Ant Taylor Vision to produce more music for online platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Itunes, and all the major and minor streaming services where listeners can tune in. 

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