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OTC:DRCR, Deer Cashmere Holding Co. Launches Swifty Global and Announces New Chief Executive Officer

NEW YORK - (NewMediaWire) - June 29, 2021 - Strategically changing focus, Deer Cashmere Holding Company (OTC: DRCR) is launching Swifty Global, a disruptive challenger within the FinTech arena and has appointed James Gibbons as CEO and Nicolas Link of (OTC:ILUS) as Chairman.

Swifty Global is creating a mobile centric ecosystem which will allow customers to conduct most of their essential daily activities – from investing and making sports predictions to booking transport, meals and entertainment – through a single application. The unique Swifty network, built also for fast and convenient saving, insuring, payments, loyalty rewards and much more, is the result of two years of technology development by the Swifty Global team. Even more significantly, it is the first in a series of game-changing, life altering applications now being commercialized by Swifty Global.

Gathering multiple known crypto networks and wallets under the same account, the first generation Swifty Wallet application allows users to seamlessly buy, trade and swap between fiat (i.e. USD) and crypto. In the near future, it will enable people to borrow against their net liquidity without being forced to sell a digital asset.

Through a strategic partnership, Swifty intends to issue customers with single-use virtual cards that can be used to pay for everyday items against any of the digital assets in their wallet. Ultimately, the wallet will allow the management of memberships, loyalty programmes and financial services (i.e. savings, insurances), as well as payment services, all from within the same application.

Another top scoring innovation, Swifty Predictions is a high frequency, low value betting application giving users the chance to predict outcomes in all the major sports, including American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis and Golf. It covers both pre-match and in-play predictions i.e. “Will there be a 3-pointer in the next 10 minutes?” Users will be able to conduct hundreds of micro predictions (bets) in minutes by swiping right to partake in the bet, or swipe left to skip, much like in the Tinder dating application. Swifty’s patent extends beyond Sport, and could next extend to enable predictions in other life and entertainment segments, including reality TV.

Swifty Global is in discussions with various sports leagues with a view to awarding predictors NFT player cards that can be traded within the Swifty ecosystem and across various NFT marketplaces. Swifty Predictions is positioning itself as a new category within the gambling sector, making events and shows more engaging and fun. Swifty Global will make gambling easier, quicker, more intuitive, and is expecting to capture an entirely new user group through its intuitive interface and market offerings outside of sport. Swifty Predictions is expecting its first gambling license(s) within the coming quarter.

Consumers currently use a range of unconnected mobile applications in their daily lives, with the result that a succession of relatively simple tasks requires a series of often clumsy and time-consuming interactions. Swifty Global simplifies the process through the safe and spontaneous transfer of data through the Swifty ecosystem. The highly secure Swifty Vault keeps personal information safe and puts users in total control of their own data. When released, the Swifty Vault will allow users to sign up, make payment and provide other data required by the third party in a click of a button, or a scan of a QR code all from within the Swifty Wallet. Ultimately, this will enhance the users' every day experience, saving significant amounts of time and frustration.

Swifty is being positioned as a FinTech company more than a gambling or crypto payment wallet company. These businesses are usually valued based on intellectual property, revenue, but most importantly their user base. Typical valuations based on verified users on a technology platform can range between 50 and 300 USD per user. Swifty believes that 10 million users is a realistic medium term target, considering that the ecosystem will cover a wide range of applications, and also taking into account that DraftKings has a reported 8 million users from various internet sources on a single stand alone application.

James Gibbons and Nicolas Link have spent several years developing the concept and technology behind the Swifty Global ecosystem and have a very clear vision, and business plan, which will be revealed over the coming months. Shareholder engagement will help promote the rapid global adoption of the Swifty Global applications, each of which have the potential to go viral through their marketing.

James Gibbons has more than 15 years’ experience in building and creating robust, secure and easy to use solutions. At the age of 23, he created his first company, a mobile voucher app across Apple, Android and Blackberry devices, eventually selling it to a US-based company. Prior to joining Swifty as CEO, James headed up the Digital Visitor Experience team at Expo 2020 Dubai, which is expected to be the largest event in the world. James is supported by a strong and expanding in-house development team based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Nicolas Link, who is CEO of ILUS International (OTC:ILUS), is a serial entrepreneur and is highly committed to steering the company in the right direction, adding shareholder value in the public markets and assisting James in building a reputable board of Directors ready for the big markets in the future. OTC:ILUS is a minority shareholder of 10 million shares and is available in the short medium term to provide incubational support to Swifty, where needed, as the Swifty team grows.

In the interim period, the company will operate under the ticker DRCR (Deer Cashmere Holding Company) while conducting its two-year audit and form 10 to allow Swifty Global to process a name and ticker change which will be Swifty Global

In conclusion, SWIFTY CEO James Gibbons commented: “We are very excited to see this project finally coming to fruition after spending several years behind the scenes modelling out the concept and technology. We have a global vision for the ecosystem with a significant road map ahead. The next year is going to be an exciting journey. At Swifty, our mission statement is to keep it simple. The intuitive design of the wallet makes it easy for people venturing into crypto for the first time, while the Swifty Predictions app will change the way people engage with sports and events. We are looking forward to making a significant difference in the markets where we participate. Both apps are in market segments that are seeing incredible growth, and will continue to do so over the next decade, creating huge added value for our shareholders. We understand how powerful the community is and strongly believe that, with the help of our supporters, we can create the next viral app.”

The company already has numerous updates and releases in the pipeline, including a new website going live on the 6th July, patent filings, trademark issuance, subsidiary company formations, team updates, approval of gambling licenses, beta releases and much more. We invite you to follow us on Twitter, Telegram and Linkedin, with other social accounts coming online over the next few months.

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