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Elevating Patient Care with Nobles Health Care Product Solutions

Nobles Health Care Product Solutions carries bed pads, bibs, hospital gowns, socks, lab coats, and isolation gowns for individuals, hospitals, schools, government agencies, animal shelters, and clinics. 

With high technology, multidisciplinary human resources, costly medical devices, and complex healthcare systems, clinical/hospital investments must include all-inclusive patient care. From handling emergency services to admitting patients and diagnosing diseases, Nobles Health Care Product Solutions gives physicians, nurses, individuals, and medical practitioners the tools to maintain sanitary environments, plan for future incidents, and empower healthy living. 

The healthcare apparel company started in 2010 in Brooklyn, intending to provide quality solutions and give clients the service they deserve. Since its inception, 75% of its customers have become loyal purchasers and friends. It offers same-day shipping for orders made before 3 pm and next-day shipping for orders after 3 pm. The team educates clients, assists in tracking/shipping, handles returns, updates inventory, and offers client-centric services. 

On the website, clients can shop for reusable, washable, waterproof, quilted, or disposable bed pads for mattresses, traveling couches/chairs, and dogs/pets. The bed pads are made of a material with a barrier that withstands heavy washing demands and drying cycles while staying soft and leak-proof. Adult bibs with Velcro closures come in various colors and are made from 85% cotton and 15% polyester. With hooks and loop fasteners for easy closure, they protect clothes and catch stains from spills at mealtime or during messy projects. Each bib’s custom fitted neck piece allows for easy and comfortable wear whether or not they’re machine washed and dried. 

Nobles Health Care Product Solutions carries disposable and reusable isolation gowns made with spun-bonded material for reliable and comfortable protection. They are essential to a clinic’s medical supplies arsenal, personal protective equipment checklist, or safety gear to tackle messy duties at home while maintaining flexibility and breathability. The knit cuffs offer full coverage with extra length on the waist ties, easily secured in the front for both men and women. Instead of single-use disposable gowns, clients can opt for washable isolation gowns for hospital, home, or crime lab use for protection against paint, wax, debris, and fluids. 

Whether clients need front-opening, criss-cross exam, or medical hospital gowns, they can visit the company’s website to explore various options. They can also shop for disposable lab coats with fitting lengths up to the wearer’s knees that resist splashes, stains, or liquid spills. The coats have 3 pockets, 5 snap fasteners up the front, and knit cuffs/collars for protection, comfort, and durability. While they’re for multi-purpose use, they don’t protect against heat, biohazards, or toxic chemicals. Bariatric patients with diabetes, edema, or ankle/foot dressings can purchase socks to reduce bruising and decreased blood flow. 

Check out the company’s website to find out more about Nobles Health Care Product Solutions and how to buy in bulk for hospitals, colleges, school districts, government agencies, animal shelters, and dental clinics. For additional inquiries, call 917-693-6064. The company is at 1152 E 13th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11230, US. 

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