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As Chronic Kidney Disease Becomes More Prevalent, Could One Solution Be Healing With Food?

Researchers and alternative medicine doctors are discovering that adding supplements like fish oils and activated charcoal might be one key to controlling kidney disease.

ST. GEORGE, UT / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2023 / Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is on the rise in the United States. Annually, 37 million Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease, and those battling end-phase stage 5 kidney disease increase by 21,000 cases.

"The conventional treatment for CKD is to give ACE inhibitors," Doctor Yaw Boateng explains. As one of the leading nephrologists in the United States, Dr. Boateng has witnessed the effects of conventional treatment for over two decades. Ace inhibitors, he explains, relax the veins and arteries, which lowers blood pressure and prevents further damage to the kidneys.

But Dr. Boateng warns there's a big problem with ACE inhibitors. "For one, they have many side effects," he says. "These treatments also can't be used on patients who have advanced CKD." Other treatments include sodium-glucose cotransporter inhibitors, but those too present severe side effects like bone fractures, hypotension, increased urinary tract infections, and even an increased risk for amputation.

Then, of course, there's the cost and accessibility aspect. Traditional treatments cost patients thousands of dollars annually, further widening the gap between care and accessibility among low-income individuals. And from a wider lens, the cost of kidney treatments affects countries enormously; one report shows that Medicare spends $80 billion on CKD treatments per year. As cases of CKD increase in people worldwide, so too does the global expenditure.

But the more Dr. Boateng researched alternative treatments, the more he found a shocking epiphany: food and supplements may play a vital role in CKD management and care.

"Food in general can be used to manage CKD in ways that traditional medicine can't," he says. "For example, reports detail how milk thistle can improve proteinuria in diabetic patients who still had protein in their urine despite taking the standard angiotensin system blockade treatment."

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Meanwhile, the benefits of activated charcoal on CKD patients appear to be profound. "One study shows how activated charcoal reduced uremic toxins even in patients already on dialysis," he says. Furthermore, as reported in the British Medical Journal, researchers have found a significant correlation between a regular intake of oily fish and a lower incidence of CKD.

Overall, there are several natural remedies that can be used in place or in tandem with traditional medicine, he continues. Not only are they effective in controlling and preventing CKD, but they are affordable, non-toxic, and have little to no side effects.

By arming oneself with vitamins, antioxidant supplements, teas, activated charcoal, adequate amounts of water, and a kidney friendly diet, Dr. Boateng says that individuals can better manage or possibly even reverse their CKD.

Ultimately, when we alter our diet and strike away from what's been done in the past, we may be able to reduce chronic kidney disease in the United States and around the world.


Dr. Boateng is a nephrologist with 23 years of experience. His book, "How to Reverse CKD," offers alternative solutions for patients diagnosed with CKD. Dr. Boateng has both personal and professional knowledge of CKD, as he has been diagnosed with the disease and underwent extensive treatment himself. Over the years, he has done extensive research and spearheaded clinical trials to find alternative, effective, and affordable CKD treatments. For additional information visit, www.h​


Dr. Yaw Boateng


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